Jeremy Barker is out of Gay Hoopla

Jeremy Barker was introduced during the time when Gay Hoopla covered the faces of their models in the free version of their site with no name.



Like Jayden Marcos, Jeremy is out of Gay Hoopla & their sister sites (Bi Guys Fuck & Hot Guys Fuck).




Jeremy is now on Twitter, the one he made and not by the studio.

8 thoughts on “Jeremy Barker is out of Gay Hoopla

  1. Not a big surprise. I am sure most studios especially Bel Ami control what goes out.
    Now, if you have your own apartment/house and computer, guys can set up what ever they want. I am sure somewhere in the contract most limit what you can promote.
    Funny, the things that come up today in porn that never were just a short time ago!!

  2. Oh no, Michael Downs? I imagine he’s getting passed around then. The curse of anyone who works with GayHoopla though…more fool him, because they’re vicious, homophobic pieces of shite, who lie, cheat, steal and screw over everyone they possibly can.

  3. The thing is gayhoopla has been hiding his true intentions. Now we will see just how he really feels about gay men and gay porn. I expect no less of models from this studio. Trash guys from management to model

  4. There’s been SOME overlap of the models Michael Downs’ shoots and gay porn but usually the guys only do solo’s. I’m kinda surprised to see Downs shooting guys who have been in dozens of gay porn videos. But I honestly haven’t been keeping track of Downs’ work since leaving All American Guys years ago.

  5. Do they even hire openly gay models¿ I haven’t seen an openly gay model on their site since Jaxon Valor.
    Jeremy was hot when he first came on the site and then he got that 2006 hairstyle and more tattoos and went from hot boy next door to unemployed loser from the trailer park. He peaked early and will not be missed.

  6. I think Corbin Fisher should take in all of Gayhoopla models except the black ones cause Corbin Fisher fans are aryans who only like seeing white models and they should change Gayhoopla to HotGirlsFuck. Problem solved.

  7. Lmao so this loser talked all this shit about HGF and GH and then begged to go back only for them to fly him out there and he couldn’t even shoot cuz he didn’t pass his STD screening. 😂😂😂 So the bullshit promos you see him in are the only things he shot while he was there. He’s not as hot now that you know he has a dirty dick and raw dogs everything.

  8. I still remember Collin Simpson begging to be allowed to use the Twitter they’d created for him, after they sacked him for being himself.
    GayHoopla is utter trash and all about tricking and fooling people. It’s the most insulting to intelligence site in existence…and that’s saying something with MEN being around.

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