Lewis Lane of Belami Online was Aron Ros of William Higgins (tip @ Thomas)

Lewis Lane was introduced this week by Belami Online. In his interview, he said that he was 19 years old.


Back in 2015, he was known as Aron Ros at William Higgins.



He did more than a solo at William Higgins & Str8 Hell.





Cocksure Men & Randy Blue bought content from Eastern Europe that included his scenes.


And, like a number of unnamed Eastern European porn stars, he was at Czech Hunter.


11 thoughts on “Lewis Lane of Belami Online was Aron Ros of William Higgins (tip @ Thomas)

  1. The iafd claims he was born 7/5/1995, so his 26th birthday would be Monday. That implies that WH added a year to his age (why bother, maybe a rounding off error?) and BAO has had his scene in the vault for around 7 years. We knew BAO has a big vault, but is this a new record? At least CM seems to have his correct age.

  2. He is bloated and a very Boring performer. His “sex” is robotic and dull just as I imagine his IQ is..

  3. The no-nonsense presentation of facts to illicit shade is wonderful. Str8UpGayPorn would bitchily turn this into high stakes drama.

  4. “robotic” “dull” “boring”, are the main characteristics of the slavic gay porn.

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