Rado Zuska is not related to Petr & Romi Zuska

When the threesome of Rado Zuska, Petr Zuska & Romi Zuska was released in 2015, it was claimed by William Higgins that the three guys were real life brothers.



The scene description now says Rado is a friend of the brothers.


Petr (as Lino Belucci) & Romi (as Aldo Belucci) are the latest update at Belami Online with their threesome with Rocco Alfieri.






This is the 2nd threesome of the brothers at Belami Online. The first one was released in 2015.


The brothers were first introduced in 2014 by William Higgins.



16 thoughts on “Rado Zuska is not related to Petr & Romi Zuska

  1. It’s weird how incest is normalized on gay blogs, and it isn’t taboo anymore. I remember when it used to be taboo! That kind of scares me about the future of gay porn.

  2. I never understood the appeal in this lie. I just can’t shake that all these studios are trying to make gay sex mean equate perversion. “Oh, it’s gay, so that means it’s obviously incest and paedophilia!”

  3. Theyre not brothers. They are joel vargas and nick vargas…aka so many other names, diego falco, don diego, roma zusti, kevin falco, peter zusha….etc etc etc.

  4. The only real reason for incest to be shunned upon is because of the genetic complications when it comes to reproduction, which is obviously not a concern with gay people.
    The rest is just social perception of morality

  5. I saw on another gay porn blog that specifically stated they were not brothers in real life. Cant remember which one.

  6. It’s not hard to find their real names and to even look them up on Facebook…they’re not related.

  7. LMAO. These guys are so weird. There was another guy on another blog excusing Aspen’s rape of a minor allegation . When your perversions get that weird, it’s time to see somebody.

  8. Are you sure? They look damn near identical, and it’s not above European porn. I’m just saying.

  9. Exactly. They’re also trying to phase straight and bi and make everybody bisexual, and the experiment has started in gay porn. All of the pornstars in gay porn are bisexual. Yet very no straight pornstars (Ricky Johnson. Peter Green, Johnny, Manuel Ferrera) are sleeping with men, not even transwomen…

  10. I love Romi Zuska/Nick Vargas/ Don Diego. One of my absolute favorites! Do you guys know any other names for him or where to find more content. I saw him on Randy Blue, William Higgins, Bel Ami, Twink Shorts, some off shoot Czech site, and a few others. Just interested to see if any of you know of where to find him currently. I wish he had an onlyfans!

  11. Yes, because sex between consenting adults is the same as pedophilia, you people are just dumb

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