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  1. Does anyone else remember the days of hunks and studs in gay porn? Chris Rockway, Caesar (before the steroids and the wife), Mike Branson, CF’s Dawson, David Taylor, Marcus Blue, Rocky from 2SCM…I just miss the guys being so handsome that you couldn’t quite believe they were doing porn.

  2. I disagree only with Marcus Blue, David Taylor and Rocky in your list.
    Adding: Ryan Zane, Danny Harper, SC’s Stu (before roids), Abel Place, Cayden Ross, Phil Bradley, Kevin Williams, Derek Cameron, Steve Fox (RIP), Gianfranco…
    Yeah, I miss gay porn when was attractive. And I believe that str8 porn has more hotter performers, Duncan Saint alone eats all whores of the current “gay” porn, it’s a waste to see him exclusively on straight porn.

  3. I miss Shaw, Broderick, Forrest, Curtis, Archie, Murray, and Mitch at SC. All that is left there is Lachlan and Jax. I see they are back down to one scene a week for their subscribers. Sad.

  4. That’s not surprising. Did he ever even suck dick or kiss? Don’t seem to recall either ever happening. Being Tom Chase’s 1st on screen top and just treating him like a hole was sad. So were the damn cowboy boots.
    If I had been lucky enough to top Tom (IMO, hotter than Branson), my mouth and lips would have been all over that gorgeous man.

  5. Saw Gianfranco in a sleazy theatre in NYC towards the end of his career (early 90s?). H offered himself to me for $250.00. Sorry but no. You could see he was beginning to show wear and tear. I loved to see him bottoming.
    I miss CFs Dawson too, as well as Connor, Kellan, Harper, Zeb, Dixon, z
    Cameron, Reese, Chandler.Hell, even SC pierce, before he became such a twit as Ryan Rose, and Brandon were gorgeous. Tanner, Pavel,Joey Daniel too

  6. Were we ever told why Archie suddenly “retired “? Same with CFs Kellan. They just vanished

  7. I remember the OG Sebastian Woods! Minus that hideous tat he really looked cute and had potential.

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