27 thoughts on “Dakota Lovell with Axel Kane & Daniel Dean

  1. Love Dakota, he’s one of the few twinks who does it for me.
    But also, Axel needs to bottom, this is beyond ridiculous at this point.

  2. Dakota Lovell is adorable and hot and gives every scene his all. Unfortunately the idiots shooting many of his scenes don’t take full advantage of that. He is hotter than most of the ugly-ass twinks at Helix.

  3. Omg! I hope Axel is back. He is such a hot man. Even a smaller member he is still fkn hot. If u dont like he is top only then dont watch or pay attn to him. U closed minded morons who say “….needs to bottom….” just move on and pay those who wont bottom pay them no mind.

  4. Ah, Axel…I thought you were transitioning into a chubby? It would have made an interesting change! You’re not a top though, regardless of your size. Well, especially given your size, or lack thereof.

  5. Shocked that Dakota still don’t fucked pussy on screen yet.
    Both fug/trash anyway.

  6. The Asian guy has such a small penis. How is he a top? His dick probably 4 inches.

  7. He refuses to bottom! And yet, for some reason, people keep hiring him. Why you’d hire a strict top, with a small cock is beyond me (I’m not a size queen by the way, because if he at least knew how to use it…), but he still gets work…

  8. As a total bottom guy, I love total tops in porn and in real life. IMO bottoming is way more pleasurable than topping. I don’t want to convince any total top guys of that – cause we need them. I’d bottom for Alex Kane in a heart beat.

  9. Axel is hot, handsome guy and Dakota is a great performer. The scene is crap though, shot by someone who needs to step away from the camera.

  10. Way to bring up race, especially with the way Asians are being maimed & murdered worldwide

  11. The prostate is only about 2 inches from the sphincter muscle. So a 4 inch cock would be quite capable of giving the bottom man pleasure.

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