Ty Roderick in prison for 280 days

Back in 2011, Antonio Giovanni was “outed” by a female porn star for crossing over to gay porn as Ty Roderick.


Ty has been active in gay porn till 2016, the year he spent time in prison for domestic battery.

He returned last year with one scene at Himeros TV.



Ty is back in prison.

He turned himself to authorities based on an outstanding warrant of his arrest so he could finally go home and see his family.

27 thoughts on “Ty Roderick in prison for 280 days

  1. I wish him the best. To be outed like that is very nasty business. He seems to have his priorities in order now. Good luck, Ty.

  2. I really hope he sets up a GoFundme. Can’t think of a better way I’d want to spend my money.

  3. It’s a good thing he turned himself in so he could go see his family not very many people would actually do this. Good Luck Ty.

  4. He’s a good performer. Wish I didn’t know about the domestic abuse. Another where I have to separate the artist from the art.

  5. Everything he says, including doing it for his family, is completely believable. Let me go get my checkbook now.

  6. Oh Jesus, Cliff Jensen? I’m assuming they shared a cell and shall probably again.
    What on Earth crime prevented him from seeing his family though? Something that wouldn’t allow him out of State/into one?
    And why is it always domestic battery? If you see a gay porn with a record, it’s almost guaranteed to be on there.
    A decade ago though, people were SCATHING about crossovers. In some respect, I liked that, because at least there was no blurring the lines with bi and trans porn, like there is today. You’re automatically branded biphobic if you just want a steadfastly gay porn star these days.
    As for Ty though…he creeped back into porn on a site that I’ve never even heard of, which looks cheap as Hell and he looks like he filmed that, fresh out of jail.
    I’d still like to know exactly what he’s turning himself in for, because it’s sounding a little Orange Is The New Black…

  7. His first gay encounter on video was for Amateur Straight Guys in 2010 when a guy named Vance brought him into the studio and gave him a blowjob and got fucked by him in what was billed as Ty’s first gay encounter. They were in Arizona, I believe so maybe he’s from there. He’s always been one of my favorites–is his family his parents or his wife and kids? It was never quite clear what his orientation really is although I he made a Helix video with twink Casey Tanner who was billed as his real life BF in some blog posts.

  8. According to Facebook, he’s single at the moment, but all his past relationships, or at least Facebook relationship statuses, were with women. If he ever has dated men, he’s certainly not done it publicly where his family could see it…no “in a relationship”, no photos, nada.
    I just always assumed he was either gay4pay or one of these “straight guys who has sex with men”, but isn’t gay.

  9. Although, he might have abandoned his Facebook, because his last post there was 2019 and 94-weeks ago on Insta. In short, I’ve no idea who he’s dating or going to prison for beating :-/

  10. I always liked his scenes. He brought a lot of energy and a very Hard Cock to EVERY scene he was in. He kissed, sucked, fucked, got fucked, did it all well!
    He had many great scenes at CockyBoys.
    I wish him well.
    ** See not every post is negative…

  11. Do you have a life???
    All this speculation and drama – that is none of your business. People have problems / issues PERIOD!

  12. He has a threeway on Isaac X’s OF with Isaac and Taylor Reign that is SMOKING 🔥. He kisses, caresses, sucks, rims, fucks…

  13. These gay, bi, whatever porn actors stay in prison or either poison themselves to death. I mean really being a porn star really is fucked up. What suppose to be the good side of it?

  14. Yes – People say he is straight but on more than one occasion on his OF’s as well As IssacX’s OF they profess they are boyfriends. I think this lasted a few months. They were a cute couple. I wish him well…No one knows really what goes on behind closed doors.

  15. He had that VERY long-term relationship with (was she pre or post op?) fellow porn star. That went on for years, but then I thought he went back to women.
    He’s definitely not straight and he’s clearly definitely not stable, but I’d certainly like to know why he’s going to prison this time. He’s got a history of violence, so my guess would be assault on a girlfriend?

  16. I agree with R47, he took Izzy’s dick really well. He’s buffed out a lot, but since then I’ve only seen him top. I’d really like to see him take some dick every now and then for a change. Paddy O’Brien, Chris Rockway, and others who claim to be straight would often get fucked every now and then for their friends interests. Hope he gets loosened up in prison!

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