Jonah of Corbin Fisher is your favorite model for July 2021

Jonah of Corbin Fisher got 35.17% (593 votes) of the total votes to win as your favorite model for July 2021.

He only had a solo scene released up to now.

He was followed by Dean Chambbers (24.67% (416 votes)) of Gay Hoopla, Ethan (21.06% (355 votes)) of Latin Boyz and then Clark Rogers (11.8% (199 votes)) of Gay Hoopla.

[Sept. 02, 2021] The first scene of Jonah was released today by Corbin Fisher where he was the top to Roman.

6 thoughts on “Jonah of Corbin Fisher is your favorite model for July 2021

    1. aka, the new typical Corbin Fisher standard. There hasn’t been a guy who was “into it”, or even attractive at CF in years.

  1. Haven’t seen Jonah’s guy-guy scene with Roman but it’s odd that a Jonah fucking a female video wasn’t released first.

    I watched his solo scene again and it’s too bad he’s in love with the razor. Is he a cam guy or OnlyFans serial masturbator? When “straight” guys show up with shaved pubes and crotches and asses and assholes I suspect he’s doing all that for the camera. Not too many young straight guys telling their girls, “Oh, wait, I’ll see you soon but first I need to shave my asshole.”


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