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Watching your boyfriend with someone else

Boyfriend Was Sad

Next Door Studios with Watch Him Fuck Me.

Justin Matthews wants his boyfriend Jim Fit to top him, and Jim isn't up for the challenge. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Justin brings home David Skylar and makes Jim watch as David turns him out.

Boyfriend Looking At Girlfriend For Comfort

Beefcake Hunter with Dallas, who brought his girlfriend to the shoot of his oral scene.

But I was determined to get this handsome man at BeefCakeHunter Land, so when he told me he was down for it as long his gf was there, I had no choice to go for it, after all this was not the first time that a Beefcake wife or gf was in the room, although this scenario is quite different, she was present but not participating, just watching.

Also, during the chat it was noticeable that he was a little nervous and was looking for comfort by looking at her.

Boyfriend Was Turned On

Lucas Entertainment with Cuckolds And Alpha Cocks (Tayler Tash, Kosta Viking & Charlie Cherry)

They started out by having a passionate love affair with one another, but eventually Kosta’s attention started to wander and he wanted to experience new men in the bedroom.

Tayler’s head and heart said NO… but the stirring in his pants say YES. Tayler Tash did not want to admit that he was turned on by not only Kosta Viking cheating on him, but by turning him into a cuckold while he sits idly by and witnesses the infidelity taking place.

16 thoughts on “Watching your boyfriend with someone else

  1. For some reason, I’m not turned on by threesomes. I’m even less turned on by a third person watching but not participating. What does turn me on? David Skylar’s huge cock, body hair, and masculine buzz cut!

  2. Urgh…the Beefcake Hunter thing is just foul, because it’s real. At least in the others it’s fake, or two gay porn stars having a “relationship”, which isn’t real…but where’s the turn on for the audience that the guy’s girlfriend is off-camera and that he’s thinking about her?

  3. No thank you to cuckholds, that’s not hot to me. Also, no to Beefcake hunter, the guy sucking dick is not hot and wears the ugliest underwear.

  4. I do find the idea of cuckolding to be really hot in theory (as long as all the parties involved agree to it and enjoy it), but in real life it would be rather bizarre, not to mention emotionally painful. However, in the context of scripted porn, this is quite exciting… Unlike the Beefcake Hunter scene, which is downright creepy, as @Reg has very rightly mentioned. I cannot imagina anyone enjoying such a situation at all.

  5. As someone in an open marriage, and someone with a voyeuristic streak, I love when I get to watch my husband getting fucked by another guy. It’s a genuine turn on to sit nearby and just see them go at it.

    1. This is something that has always intrigued me. It’s not something that I would want for my own relationship… I don’t think I could take seeing my husband with another man. Though before I was married, I participated as a third with other couples. It was a bit confusing for me at first, but they were some of the most amazing experiences I ever had.

  6. I swear that Beefcake Hunter guy is icky. He did a shoot a while ago where he sucked and fucked some guy with the GF getting involved with them. It was not hot and very unsettling. Sites like this and whack ass Maverick Men are not hot at all.

    Doesn’t he bare a resemblance to the dude that went to jail for doing the exact same thing but having unsuspecting str8 guys involved. He had that obnoxious ass girl voice to match his wrongdoings.

    I say it over and over again but when are we going to get over this obsession with sucking and fucking so called str8 guys.

    I’m not at all turned on by threesomes and orgies. They do nothing for me. Too much going on and it seems like there’s always the prospect of being left out or not getting enough in the act.

    1. Voyeurism is a tricky business. Like watching some guy walk around a store or maybe taking a look at a guy at the gym and getting turned on is normal but when you take it to this extreme it crosses into some weird territory.

      I just wouldn’t want to fuck some other guy while my man is sitting there watching. It’s got a creep factor to it that’s a turn off. I’m curious am I the only one that feels that way?! Like if my man turns me on that much, I’d want him and no one else. Now I know this is porn and fantasy related but when it comes to your personal life, if you gotta ride someone else while your partner is there, I believe some conversations need to take place rather than some voyeurism.

  7. I don’t think anyone should be so quick to criticize Beefcake Hunter since we don’t know what the real deal is in the relationship between the guy and his girlfriend. Obviously they need money or he wouldn’t be doing it. Maybe with the pandemic neither one of them is able to earn enough to support themselves and the guy figures he’ll take one for the team. Or maybe the guy is pissed off that the girl isn’t pulling her weight in earning income so he’s having her watch. Or maybe she doesn’t let him fuck her enough and refuses to blow him. We’ll never really know what’s really going on in their heads no matter what they may say or claim. And leave Victor alone, he’s living his preferred best life doing what he wants without really hurting anyone.

    1. So, in the way you put it, he’s basically exploring a couple who is in a delicate situation due to the pandemic for sex.

      How nice…

  8. I don’t personally get off on the whole voyeurism thing but to each his own. But I would take these scenes, hands down, over EVERYTHING over at that has women watching or standing nearby! Seeing grandmas and and ugly fat chicks in a what is supposed to be a ‘gay’ sex scene is such an incredible boner killer for me.

  9. It depends on how the scene is done. If the guys are hot and all turned on, great. One thing is for certain, Beefcake Hunter is disgusting and impossible to watch. It’s never enjoyable to watch someone get serviced who has chosen to do low-rent porn scene with a fat troll because they are down on their luck. It’s creepy watching a performer who is clearly miserable and obviously not turned on.

  10. “Watching your boyfriend with someone else”
    Literally every MEN scene.

    I find it to be a huge turn off and a distraction. If there’s gonna be more than two people on screen, all of them should participate in the action. I hate it when they just sit there, staring creepily.

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