Tristan Jaxx, Jackson Wild, Leo Donis, Owen Tyler, Jason Crew, Wolf Hudson & Lukas Ridgeston (Feb. to Mar. 2009)

Tristan Jaxx [scenes] gave an advice to would be porn stars via his now deleted blog.

Ok so I get asked this like practically every week. I want to be a porn star. Yay good for you. I really hope you make it and hey we might even do a scene together. Bonus points if you're a mega bottom. Now what I'm writing this to inform people is what you would need to get in the industry. I'm not an expert, haven't even been around for a year yet, but I do know what you would need to be a porn star. Number one gym, gym, gym. If you don't go to the gym you are going to have issues. You may have a hot body now but you want to maintain that so go to the gym period. Preferably about 4x - 5x a week at least. Now that you got the gym set next thing you want to do is be comfortable with yourself naked. Can you masturbate in a room with 5 people watching and a camera? Then yay you're good. Are you always horny and even masturbating right now as you're reading this then sign yourself up.

Now if you go through with this realize PEOPLE WILL FIND OUT. Yes maybe even your closeted dad or your oversexed grandpa, hey you never know what kind of kinks your family or work people have. Now having a huge penis is great and all but honestly not a necessity. Lots of porn stars aren't huge, it's all good. Plus if you want to be a bottom I'm so all for that. You will have to keep it up for a while but if you're as horny as I am it's easy as eating a pie. If you bottom be prepared to be plunged for some time and keep those vocal cords going cause that's always hot. Hopefully some of these pointers helped you out and you're already applying to your favorite company of choice. Remember to pick one that works best for you. It's a lot easier if you're having sex with guys your type. Good luck to all you newbie porn stars and look forward to seeing you all on set sometime.

Adam Campbell with Jack Griffin as his first top via College Dudes.

Jackson Wild [scenes] announced his retirement via his now deleted Yahoo Group.

Lucas Entertainment vs. Raging Stallion
I am proud and humbled with this award. I was unable to attend the XBIZ Awards ceremony but found out early this AM that I had received the coveted "Performer of the Year" in the LGBT movie category. I have recently taken myself out of the industry for personal reasons, but none the less after 2-1/2 years of internet and movie making all the hard work pays off….I want to thank my Agent Howard Andrew over at Fabscout…hell without him none of Jackson Wild at least within the DVD market never would have been that little bad boy. Randy Blue for teaching me the ropes of making it all look so freakin good….and to of course all the fans, without you the business wouldn't be worth it AT ALL!!! To everyone and anyone who has stepped foot into the world of Jackson Wild and tangled with this bad boy I thank you all… X-X-X

Leo Donis of College Dudes = Mikhail of Sean Cody.

Javen of Chaos Men = Jeremy of Corbin Fisher.

Owen Tyler of College Dudes = Nick Hurley of Randy Blue

Jason Crew at Hot House.

Wolf Hudson [scenes] interviewed by Jason Curios (blog now gone) on gay sex.

Jason Curios (JS): You’ve done some straight work too, I know. But you enjoy having sex with guys on camera, right? Wolf Hudson (WH): No. JS: …Really?
WH: Really.
JS: You don’t enjoy it at all?
WH: Not at all.
JS: Do you think there’s a certain amount of self-loathing that comes with going to work at a job that you hate?
WH: I don’t hate the industry though. I love working in this industry and I love my fans.
JS: You just don’t like having sex with guys?
WH: Right.

Lukas Ridgeston now behind the camera at Belami Online. He made a comeback in 2013 for Forever Lukas.


  1. andrew

    Jack Griffin was a hottie at College Dudes. He bottomed a few times but mostly Jack fucked the College Dudes. I always fantasized about being on his list of conquests.

  2. kevin

    Lukas..a classically beautiful man and Tristan was a good top and a good DJ

  3. Fathom

    Always liked Jason Crew; so cute, beautiful eyes, good performer. Coincidentally, a friend sent me Jason’s Scruff profile over the weekend. Says he’s 39; looks good. I like older guys, so I think he’s even hotter now.

    Wolf Hudson was full of shit back then and his work today proves it. He does a lot of bi stuff, including his own amateur stuff, but he always wants the dick. I saw a bonkers bi orgy sometime last year that was eight men and four women, I think. There might have been some direction, but it mostly just seemed like the models were bouncing around doing whatever they wanted, and Wolf Hudson was a lot more interested in the guys than the girls; he wanted to get fucked by all the dicks.

  4. SeKong (@SEKONG14)

    I think Jason Crew was married to a woman?
    I somehow saw his profile on FB years ago…

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