Danny Harper, AJ Monroe, Aiden of CF, Kevin Crows, Robert Axel, Sebastian Young, Connor of CF, Steven Daigle, Aden Jaric, Trystan Bull, Tristan Jaxx, Paul Mekas, Billy Cotton & Jack Harrer (Nov. 2010)

Graham (2006) of Sean Cody was introduced as Danny Harper by Randy Blue.

AJ (2009) of Chaos Men was introduced as AJ Monroe at College Dudes.

Roman (2007) of Sean Cody aka Gage (2007) of Chaos Men was introduced as Aiden at Corbin Fisher.

Kevin Crows [gay & str8 movies] became an exclusive of Jake Cruise. While, Robert Axel [movies] became an exclusive of Cocksure Men.

Sebastian Young [movies], who died in a shoot out in 2019, was released from prison (first one?) and filmed a scene at Cocky Boys where he was the top to Trent Diesel.

Connor of Corbin Fisher admitted in an interview (now deleted) at GayDemon.com that he was “Iā€™m confidently straight. In my personal life, I get with girls exclusively and am attracted to girls exclusively… So while Iā€™m fully straight, my dick is pretty openminded haha.”

Steven Daigle [TMZ] and Aden Jaric [Advocate], who were arrested over a fight with their lovers, had a scene released by Falcon Studios.

Trystan Bull & Rod Daily websites were launched. Both sites are now part of Next Door Studios.

First scene of Tristan Jaxx as the bottom was released by Falcon Studios.

Paul Mekas, Billy Cotton & Jack Harrer were introduced by Belami Online.

15 thoughts on “Danny Harper, AJ Monroe, Aiden of CF, Kevin Crows, Robert Axel, Sebastian Young, Connor of CF, Steven Daigle, Aden Jaric, Trystan Bull, Tristan Jaxx, Paul Mekas, Billy Cotton & Jack Harrer (Nov. 2010)

  1. I remember how excited I was to watch Aiden gets fucked, hear his moan, and see his white cum pushed out if his balls and sprayed all over his body that is full of goosebumps everywhere again and again, and yet again in a single scene. If he was just a little less muscular, less big, like when he was Roman at Sean Cody, I would completely be in heaven šŸ˜‡

  2. Aiden and Connor of CF are two of my all time favorite gay porn models. Aiden went crazy when he was getting fucked. One time he even gargled with the cum his top shot into his mouth.

      1. I don’t want to speak for @andrew but yes, Connor bottomed well. But he was a magnificent, gorgeous, dominating top — really a golden Greek god type. And so pretty; resembled Leonardo DiCaprio with muscles. That was Corbin Fisher at its peak for sure. My fave from that era was Travis (who was physically kind of the complete opposite of Connor).

        1. I totally agree with your comments about the Greek god Connor. He and the Awesome Dawson were two of my favorite CF models. After CF Connor was working as a Chippendale Dancer in Las Vegas.

  3. Wow. I’ve given up a lot of semen over the years to the models on this list, especially Jack Harrer.

  4. Interesting to see how CF’s 2 top stars ended up. Connor is still with his porn star wife they have a kid and he’s a Chippendale (high end escort) Aiden divorced his crazy wife and is out and partnered with his long time BF. Happy endings?

    1. I didn’t know that about Aiden. Glad to hear it. He was one of my faves and it’s so rare you hear happy endings for these guys.

  5. Aiden, AJ, Conner & Jack. Not only were they hot, but they actually performed and were believable in their enjoyment. Contrast them to the G4P’s working for studios today, there is no comparison. Now studios just accept any bloke willing to get in front of the camera and throw in a woman for good measure.

    1. You’re telling the absolute truth. Nowadays, anybody can be a pornstar even if they have zero sex appeal. I remember when having a fit, muscular body was a standard requirement for gay porn, which was always supposed to be about a FANTASY, now everything is so woke and everybody has to be “real” and represent the real world. Also, lets face it, most studios don’t have the budget anymore to get quality guys so they have to find the Dante Colles and Michael Del Reys. Those porn quality guys are all on Onlyfans doing the bare minimum and still making money.

      Guys who get into porn nowadays do it solely for fame and the guys back then did it for necessity and because many of them were scouted and told how much they could make doing it at some small, unknown studio like a Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher as an exclusive. The fame whores now do it for much less as long as they get attention. The guys back then were discreet and didn’t want their families to find out. Many of them still live stealth lives and their whereabouts cannot be found. You can’t say that about the performers today.

  6. Sebastian Young had issues but he also had one of the best asses in all of adult entertainment. AJ Monroe loves big dick and I love that about him. His scenes with Rafael Alencar and Izzy James are fire. First the pain and then the pleasure!

  7. Ah, the tragic Sebastian Young. I quite fancied his looks, but he’s got a lot of personal demons it seemed.

    Trystan Bull, like fellow g4p Cody Cummings, is a handsome man, but ultimately boring with the same old shit scene after scene.

    Aiden. Triple load. Nuff said.

    And Connor will always be a classic/legend in gay porn.

  8. I remember thinking Aiden was so overrated at Corbin Fisher during his time. I used to get sick of seeing his updates. But after all of these years and perspective based on the trash today, he was a very good performer, very engaging, and loved some dick up his ass. Who can’t appreciate that? I’m not surprised if it is true that he is with a guy now. These guys can scream gay for pay all they want but you cannot fake lust and desire. You can always see that in someone’s eyes. That boy was HUNGRY for dick. Just go watch the scene with him, Trey, and Connor where he and Trey are being filmed over Connor’s shoulder as they give him a blowjob. Pure lust in his eyes.

    Sebastian Young was always garbage, but the man had a very nice ass. I’m not into him or piss play but there is a Lucas Entertainment scene that he did right before he died with a black guy and they are peeing on each other and it’s kind of hot lowkey and there’s this feet scene he did where his ass looks really nice because it shot from a somewhat low, almost side angle and you can see just a smidge of his fat, bubble butt as he’s laying down lifting his legs up and down. Sometimes a little mystery is all it takes for me.

    Connor was overrated to me. Typical white, cornbread fed looking white All american guy with blonde hair and blue eyes with an average dick. That type does absolutely nothing for me. Yawn and still yawn after all these years. It’s no wonder why his porn career went nowhere in straight porn. Absolute bore.

    I used to like Trystan Bull, but his dick was ugly. One of his best scenes is with an asian guy. He was really into that asian guy. He was a decent performer but no one to be missed.

    Last but not least, Jack Harrer. One of the Belami’s goat. It sucks that he never got an official dildo via Fleshjack when Fleshjack molded the Belami guys. I would have bought it in a heartbeat just to display it. I think he’s done with Belami because now he has visible tattoos and hasn’t shot with them for a while. I’m sure Belami has a lot of unreleased scenes though.

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