Sir Peter, Adam Killian, Jeremy Barker, Micky Mallato, Brandon Anderson & Chris Damned

Sir Peter, seldom the bottom, in another flip fuck scene at Lucas Entertainment. This time with Adam Killian, who made a comeback this year.

Jeremy Barker with the 6’2″ Micky Mallato as his 4th top at Gay Hoopla.

Brandon Anderson bottomed for the 3rd [1st & 2nd] time to Chris Damned via Next Door Taboo [gallery].

21 thoughts on “Sir Peter, Adam Killian, Jeremy Barker, Micky Mallato, Brandon Anderson & Chris Damned

  1. Sir Peter is more interesting as a bottom than a top, although in that video, his hole does look a little baggy and like the end of a tied-off balloon :-/

    And Chris Damned, back to doing the same old thing…

    1. Two of the filthiest (a compliment) openly gay men in a sensational scene gutted by neither one eating cum. Why?

      1. I meant Sir Peter & Adam. Brandon is completely wasted in this one as are most of Chris’ partners usually.

  2. Chris Damned’s haircut is the most ridiculous thing for him, it looks terrible on him

  3. Chris Damned is not it at all. What’s the big deal? Honestly curious because I’m not seeing it at all.

    1. I think when Chris Damned first appeared viewers were impressed by how very handsome he is. For many, like me, that appeal wore off when he proved to be a boring performer. The tattoos are probably a factor, too, as viewers tend either to love them or hate them.

      1. When he first appeared, he was openly gay, mostly a bottom, nowhere NEAR as tattooed and very, very sexy…then he “made it”, was rebranded as a top, bisexual, he wrecked his body with ink that you’d be embarrassed would be done so badly in prison and now he’s getting arsy on Twitter.

        He went from having masses of potential, to being a joke.

        1. I’m not one way or another with Chris Damned. I don’t particularly like him, but I have no disdain either. He falls somewhere in the category of “Who cares”. I recently saw an interview with him and by the way he talked, he seemed to imply that he’s really gay. I can’t remember how that conversation all went down, but he said something to the effect of “I can only really get turned on by men”. I’m paraphrasing. He also mentioned about being in a relationship with a man and that he was turned off by guys who were what most people accuse him of (here). I personally think he’s gay. He just likes to tell people what they want to hear. It’s the PC culture rubbing off on him.

          1. If he’d stuck to his guns when he first started, then I’d really quite rate him, but he either changed or let his himself be changed, into a Bi or Gay4Pay performer and started going to the same tattoo parlour as Bo Sinn. They both look like they’ve been held-down and attacked with shanks and a bottle of ink :-/

          2. No sir. He’s not gay. He can cry that all day long but he’s like Drew Dixon. No gay man is munching on female’s vaginas and having full blown vaginal sex. He’s just trying to keep that gay following.

            I’ve noticed him practically berate his gay fans who showed disdain to his str8 sex.

            1. Maybe. Who knows. I don’t think for a second that he’s straight though. Perhaps bi or somewhere in that grey area. I have to say, I have not invested a great deal of time in him to know the things you’ve mentioned. I’ve picked up on his snarky sarcastic tone and generally find him uninteresting. Whenever I see a scene featuring him, I usually skip it. If he’s berating his fans, he deserves no respect whatsoever. There’s no excuse for that.

    2. He was fairly handsome when he started, even with a few bad jailhouse tattoos. Now he looks like any other street-trash meth-head looking to do a $50 blowie for a fix.

  4. I like Sir Peter. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that he’s bisexual and that, that sort of ruined it for them. I don’t have a problem with self-proclaimed (admitted) bisexual men in gay porn. Just so long as there’s sexual chemistry between scene partners and there are no vaginas popping up anywhere. I mean, that’s the nature of GAY porn, is it not? An absence of vag. Now, I have zero use for G4P performers. I could go on a long-winded rant about how wrong and unfair it is and yada yada, but my disapproval is irrelevant. G4P’ers were here from the beginning and will probably be there till the end. I think we have to be accountable for our own porn viewing habits. That’s why I choose to weed out the Malik Delgaties, David Skylars, and John Broncos of the industry.

    1. Did you see the latest Clark Delgaty video with Felix Fox? It’s MEN’s typical ridiculous setup, so you have to have a woman with a huge chest and leotard sat to the right of the shot while the sex is going on and Clark is SO out of the situation it’s not even funny. He’d show more interest in sleeping than having sex with a man. By all means, if you can get a guy Gay4Pay but who earns his money and puts on a great scene, then I don’t care what he does in his personal life…but WHY hire guys who make the audience feel so uncomfortable, because of how clearly they would rather be on deathrow than having sex with another man?

      1. @ Reg, I seemed to have missed that one (thankfully). MEN has become a comical. erection-crushing shit show. Is Clark the brother of Malik or? That’s creepy enough in itself. Anyhow. I agree. It would be like getting a job as a professional sketch artist. Who would pay good money to have a portrait done of themselves, to only end up with a stick figure on a sketch pad. If you’re not suited for a particular career, try something else. G4P’ers are no exception. They’re also uncapable of producing genuine sexual chemistry. No sexual chemistry = Boring uneventful sex.

        1. It’s a bizarre fib. They’re not related. It’s not even taboo, because they’ve never done anything each other, despite the stage surname. I really don’t see the point in it, because they’re not related and they’ve never done anything with each other. It’s just two straight guys, who don’t want to be there, but don’t do anything, even though they are.

  5. Isn’t there a wealthy sugar daddy out there who can provide Micky Mallato with the orthodontics that would help him so much?

    1. I wonder if Sean Costin ever found the sugar daddy he was aggressively chasing…

  6. Micky Mallato manhandled and fucked Jeremy Barker. Looks like Jeremy has passed on the title “The Pounder” to Micky. Hold on tight to that title Micky. There are lots of people who love to see top guys get fucked. Check out Cade Maddox, Arad Winwin, Shane Cook, Finn Harding, Zilv Gudel, Cliff Jensen and very few others who maintain their top man only status. If you actually wanna bottom than go for it.

  7. Scene with Micky and Jeremy looks great, but I still can’t wait for Micky to eventually bottom. Here’s hoping he’s up for it.

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