1. McM.

    He also got fucked at Cutler’s Den. The guy loves cock, it shows, and it’s hot.

  2. OldFatGuy

    I gotta admit, when they don’t have any tattoos they’re hard to tell apart. At least he used the money he made at SC for a good cause: food. But its great that he’s willing to bottom!

  3. Bluelips

    He looks hot in both but i prefer him without the beard.

  4. Yodek

    Next stop: Sketchy Sex

  5. andrew

    Blake get rid of that awful beard.

  6. Reg

    I quite like him actually, but he needs to step up his game. It’s nice that he was a bottom at SC, but he could easily degrade. The state of the bottom there, whose name I can’t remember, is a prime example of that.

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