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Stevie Trixx, Dallas Steele & Johnny Rapid

Stevie Trixx as the top & bottom in an orgy for “Trans Guy In Sweatpants” at HimerosThis scene is a parody on a popular porn site. The intent of this scene is to play with the genre, and to subvert notions about masculinity and the centrality of biological cocks.

Dallas Steele, who had a penis implant surgery last year to restore his ability to get an erection by pressing a pump, in a flip fuck with Ty Santana at Disruptive Films [gallery].

Johnny Rapid in a bisexual scene [gallery] with Reese Rideout at Johnny Rapid.

22 thoughts on “Stevie Trixx, Dallas Steele & Johnny Rapid

  1. Himeros & JR/RR – gay guys don’t want to see pussy… go to a different site for that stuff. Gay = real guy on real guy

    1. While I do occasionally watch trans sex and bi sex, and I really get off on str8 strap-on sex, I have to agree: let’s keep gay sex all-male

    2. Dude STFU with your transphobia! You probably dont even realize you’re transphobic, so I suggest you educate yourself and soul search. You dont have to like it if you dont want to, but trans men ARE NOT WOMEN and there are many gaynmen tha can see past that and the fact they still have a pussy, though changed by testosterone. Just move along if you dont like it. Smh

      1. Take your schizophrenic meds and stop trying to deny material reality.

        PiV sex is straight sex, deal with it.

        FtM shit, like the bisexual shit before it, is being inserted into gay porn for one reason and one reason only: ideology.

        No more, no less.

      2. “Trans men” who chase gay guys are just straight/bi girls with a fetish. It’s creepy as fuck. To mutilate your body like that just so you can larp as a gay man is deranged and disturbing. The women who do this need therapy, not ‘validation’.

        Gay men are not born into women’s bodies. This concept did not exist before Tumblr invented it a few years ago. That’s why there is not a shred of scientific evidence to show that exists and any with a brain and common sense knows that.

    3. Himeros is owned by DaveyWavey, and he’s committed to the full trans agenda. He released that controversial video on cunnilingus and is seemingly committed to release more of that “informational” content for gay men.

    4. The thing about FTM porn is the vagina. I don’t think there should be a vagina in gay porn, or at least, vaginal sex. If an FTM porn star wants to appear in GAY porn, then bottom up.

      It is an INCREDIBLE double-standard though, because FTM and MTF aren’t accepted into straight porn. I personally think it should have its own place and not be in gay porn, but if gay porn have to accommodate it, then isn’t it only fair that straight porn does too?

      T in both camps, or give it its own platform.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Dallas Steele for a long time. However, guys need to know when to leave the business. Dallas had a good run. When you need to get your cock “fixed” and pump up/down, maybe it is time to consider the next career move away from porn.

    1. I’m a bit confused, did he have some sort of problem so he needed a pump? Or was his ED due to aging?

      1. I believe it was due to abusing erectile drugs such as trimix and viagra for a long time. These porn guys really should stay away from those drugs and if he can’t get it up, then maybe “hardcore” porn isn’t for them and they should stay in their webcam, onlyfans teasing, jerking off videos lane.

        At least it saves yourself from fucking up your sexual system

  3. They turned a porn video into a fucking twitter lecture about how mean gay men are for liking dick!



    The definition of “pathetic” has now been updated!

  4. I’m same-sex attracted, not ‘same-gender’ attracted. Most gay identified men simply don’t want pussy. Bisexuality is not universal despite what the queer propagandists keep pushing. Most straight guys and lesbian don’t want cock either. Gonna hang them too?

    1. I totally agree; If someone is attracted to trans people, good for them; but to keep shaming cis gay men for being attracted to cis gay men is getting ridiculous.

    2. We all know that straight people are less suceptible to this kind of shaming, so yeah…

      These shitty activists are bullies: they go for people they know will put up less resistance to their spew, and unfortunately some gay men still fall for it.

  5. Can we talk about Dallas Steele’s AWFUL dye job???!! It is soooo obvious, not even slightly shaded the way real hair color is, and looks hideous. Age gracefully and accept thinning and grey hair, that is what is sexy. Trailer park dye jobs actually make him look older!

  6. The antics that these “former glory” and “washed up” porn stars will reach for is ridiculous. So 200+ penises later and now Johnny wants aokw pussy in his porn. First off, did anyone else forget that his ass even had his own site??? I damn sure did. The boy has been non radar worthy for a helluva long time.

    Becky, wipes some sweat off with this one. Reese would go this level. He is aging, he’s not really going anywhere on the porn scene and so this would be the route he would take for someone to even speak his name. I’m quite aware that these men go heteronormative in their personal lives and that Reese filmed some country ass bi scene damn there 10+ years ago but still this is a pathetic attempt to gain clout.

    Davey Wavey of course would be more than willing to throw some sort of vaginas out here in the “gay” porn realm. After all he tried to show “gay men how to eat pussy” and you see how the hell that went. For some reason his ass didn’t get the memo. How in the hell you are you gonna have a vid where “gay” size hungry queens for a bulge imprint at the pool go from wanting to wrap their mouths around that to eating vaginas and bare backing them. That shit is far from gay porn. This push on the homosexual side of porn for vaginal sex and exposure to bisexual/transsexual activity is beyond belief. We don’t have to have sex with you to be an ally. Period.

    The fact that we get called a phobic or misogynist because we voice our disdain for sexual activity towards vaginas is deplorable. How can those who cry for inclusion and acceptance from homos be so mean hearted and disrespectful towards us when we tell them who we are? Or when we tell them NO. All we ask is for our homosexuality to be left the hell alone and our realm of sexual expression aka porn to be left alone as well. We can love you without having to lust for you.

    1. For the trans community, acceptance and being sexually desired are tied together in their minds. If you don’t wanna fuck, it means you hate them. We now have to fuck people to show them that we accept them and signal our virtue to the community. It’s insane.

  7. I get that taste is subjective and there are people (I guess?) who find Reese Rideout attractive. To me, he’s kind of rabbit-y looking and there’s at least 1,000 other guys doing porn with a body as good as his and certainly bigger dicks. And certainly better performers. So I don’t get it. I remember reading about a 2011 British Marie Claire story titled something like “My Husband Does Gay Porn!” where his wife, Becki, was interviewed. I really have to wonder, were there that many people clamoring for Reese Rideout’s return?

  8. Johnny Rapid is a limited performer especially since he almost never kissed the hot guys who were fucking him. I always did like watching him give up his plump little booty to some good dick. Johnny’s booty has paid a lot of his bills.

  9. We live in such fucked up times, that your attraction to men with dicks is starting to be considered a genital fetish in the lgbt community! More visibility for trans people and cis gays will end up in a minority of the minority.

    1. Truth. I can’t believe that people actually tell us that we’re bigoted when we say we’re homosexuals and attracted to biological men. The other day I was told that I’m guilty of genital preferences. What the hell???

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