If you miss Patrick of Sean Cody (tip @ J)

Patrick had scenes released by Sean Cody from 2004 to 2006. If you miss him, he joined Twitter in 2017 but his oldest tweet was 3 weeks ago.


His scene with Parker as his top was a fan favorite.

And, he had a scene with Colby aka Colby Keller.

He is now a dad and raising $100,000 for his twins.



  1. Aavier

    Incredibly excited to read this. Top tier of my top 10 favorite SC models. $15 Onlyfans with only 9 posts? 33 tweets in 5+ years?? Some help here everyone. Con artist(s) come across early and recent pictures of “Patrick”? Or is “Patrick” actually behind this?

  2. Cherrystick

    Sus is written all over this one.

    • Akerus

      Wait, what?!?! You mean that the fact that he is asking random strangers for $100k in order to support his poor, little children while also peddling his OF and making excuses as to why he won’t post any updates, is rather sketchy? That’s IMPOSSIBLE! He is HOT and STRAIGHT!!! That must surely make him the most trustworthy person in history, right? 🤣 🤣

      You must think about the fact that children are expensive and rents are insanely high ($100K barely covers one month!), and he has to work full time and his family won’t support him and his ex-wife is an addict and there was a tornado and then a typhoon and he cannot post more frequently on his OF and… I mean, don’t you have a heart? Remortgage your house so you can help this living, breathing monument to working class struggles! 🤣 🤣

      Well, it’s either that or he is a shameless grifter. 🙄

      • Bsg67

        He increased it to $50 per month at one point, deranged.

      • Pavel Ford

        WELL SAID SIR…….

  3. No self-respect

    “Hmm, where can I get some money? Oh, there are always the desperate gays who will perpetually chuck money at any masc, G4P white guy who does the bare minimum!”

    This community is so embarrassing.

  4. Mark B

    LOL, $15/month is not the same as free, Not even close. No wonder he needs money…

  5. Chase

    fwiw. OF page is gone or not active. i’d love to know more of him but none of this seems to lead to him 🙁 btw. im pretty sure those two more recent photo’s are him though.

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