Collin Simpson “Covid a third time, even fully vaccinated”

Twitter to David Skylar “Stay informed. Learn more about why health officials recommend a vaccine for most people.”

Cliff Jensen is back in school. Congratulations!


From Silas Brooks on his twin “Drake Von is a rapist, abuser disgusting maniac with anger issues who constantly beats up his girlfriends.”

From love for wife to having fun with Quin Quire all in a day.


  1. Mike

    Yeah, I was vaccinated 3 times and got omicron. Didn’t have problems with my lungs, but had a horrible headache for 3 days then had GI symptoms which lingered for months. Wasn’t fun at all, but at least I didn’t end up in the ICU. The fact is everyone will be affected differently. The vaccine greatly increases your chances of survival and not ending up in the ICU. Just got the omicron booster, hopefully I can avoid catching it again. Just got the annual flu shot also. Anything to lower the odds of getting sick is a good thing. Life is too short as it is.

  2. Lou

    I’m convince Pierce Paris is a long lost Paul brother

  3. TheBitchIsBack!

    Ok here we go..

    Derek Cline : I didn’t know you were into MPREG porn..?

    David Skylar: So by your logic then, Vaping is just a non gay alternative to sucking cock right?

    Cliff Jensen: Congrats on becoming your own manager..

    Jake Apton: Cruella Deville called…she wants her outfit back..

    Pierce Paris: So you’re now the spokesman for Anal C toothbrushes? And I also think you answered “What’s gotten into him?” quite well thank you..
    Plus since you’re complaining about you not getting nominated, there’s always work to be had as an Anal Hygienist apparently..

    Tyler Berg: Yes, but I’m more worried about that nipple putting someone’s eye out..

    Jorge Salas, Silas Brookes, Christian Wilde & Quinn Quire: Boys, Boys, Boys.. if you’re goal was to get your gay passes revoked this week, you’ve succeeded.

  4. FieldMedic

    David, there is absolutely a difference between the rate of infection, severity of infection and bloodwork of a person who has been vaccinated and a person who hasn’t. People who are vaccinated get less covid, suffer from it less and die less often than those who are unvaccinated, and their bodies produce the antibodies that we’d expect to see from the immune response to the vaccine. Wherever you’re getting your information from is not telling you the truth.

    • Mark B

      David is one of those low information types… he probably read the first line of Mike’s response (above), decided it matched his opinion, and stopped reading.

  5. Emerson

    Collin darling this is how a vaccine works! You silly… a vaccine do not give you total immunity, it helps your body to fight BETTER the virus avoiding, potentially, for you being hospitalized in worse conditions. So in the end stay safe, protect yourself to protect the others.

  6. Rockhard288

    The mrna vaccines are pretty bad at avoiding infection. Even moreso now due to the difference in strains of the virus. The updated bivalent supposed to remedy this, but I still believe it is too late as the virus as evolved significantly again to make their efficacy low. Not even taking in account of that. vaccines don’t even prevent against long covid. BA 2.75 is set to take hold this winter. Do what you can to protect yourself. And no having COVID naturally won’t do shit either as immunity lasts for so little. Don’t be catching COVID 3-5 times a year.

    We will see what happens to people like David Skylar.

    • Rockhard288

      I wonder how many of you thought that was an anti-vax post, lol. You all need to read.
      Take care of yourself for the predictable winter wave. Pandemic isn’t dying down and the bivalents will not be as effective on their own

  7. Ron

    Why does this site give any time to Collin?

    Never sure of folks that go to social media to post about crimes. I think the police station might be a better place to start. That is unless you are just looking for attention.

    Big pass on both Pierce and Christian!

    Sexy Salas x2 – very cute couple

    • Phil H

      If you look at the images in Silas Brooks’ links, it’s confirmed that a police report was filed by the victim.
      By putting it on social media, Brooks is spreading the word to others in the industry that his brother is a piece of shit.

  8. HermanCee

    Dear, Dear Colin,
    Everybody isn’t a G4P ho like you. Exposing your body to more than Covid. Please don’t preach to me about how to protect my body from anti-vaxxers, like yourself.

  9. Cherrystick

    For just about all of these men, one phrase comes up…. Messy as hell.

    Colin & David. Messy. I’m happy that things aren’t as severe as two years ago with the pandemic but I still limit my interactions. Plus I continue to practice safety measures along with stay up on vaccinations. Do they make it 100% preventable, NO. Does it drastically increase harsher/lethal effects, YES. What’s scarier and more dangerous is spreading false claims and narratives to impressionable people. If you don’t have the degrees or medical backgrounds, it’ll be better to keep your damn mouth closed. All we can do is listen to WHO and our regional medical teams. Not some douchebag worthy, dud. Take your choice, there’s many in the porn world with the same rhetoric. David included.

    Pierce. Messy. When you put up all the buffoonish posts like stuffing you balls in your ass, golf balls trick shots up the ass, dick slinging water bottle lids and literally shoving awards up your ass, people aren’t going to take you seriously. Therefore you decline in viewership and recognition. Or possibly, your directing is like your sexual performances, just not that memorable and not very long lasting in more ways than one.

    Silas/Drake & company. Messy. I know you guys are weird porn boys but if these are true allegations, going on your pornography social media pages and speaking on this matter isn’t it at all. Not everything needs to be sensationalized for clout. Especially as serious as SA and physical abuse. Follow up with the authorities not us. Plus it’s a little strange seeing you make these statements while you and your brother are posting full blown sex and have done some questionable niches in porn your damn selves. Incest with your mom porn ring a bell. Eclectic and messy and on that note…..

    Christian. Messy. How in the hell are you going to post to your majority gay fans about your heteronormative marriage, celebrate over a decade of marriage and then 120 minutes later post about getting a blowjob from another guy?! That shit is just baffling. I know to each is their own but this is some eclectic ass mess too. The gays who watch your scenes (present company excluded) don’t want to see that mix. It ruins the appeal and fantasy. Although this may be their thing because she is a sex worker as well. I guess anniversary dinner one night and OF dick for both of them the next. Oh well, Happy Anniversary?!?!

    The highlight this week is Jorge Salas and his hubby. Cute couple and wish them the best.

    I also have to give props to Cliff. Not the hugest fan of his any longer but I do applaud anyone trying to better themselves with education. I know he’s had some rough patches in the road so to see him striving is excellent. Good job man.

  10. Bruiser

    Colin massive doses of anabolic steroids and HGH do not protect you from COVID… obviously.

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