Thomas Johnson of Sean Cody is Mr. Deep Voice from London

Thomas Johnson is the new guy this week at Sean Cody.

Like all newbies at Sean Cody since the start of the pandemic, he has a fan site. According to his Twitter profile, he is based in London. And, he is in San Diego this week till next week.

4 thoughts on “Thomas Johnson of Sean Cody is Mr. Deep Voice from London

  1. Yeah, he has like a thousand OF videos.

    It’s too bad his “deep voice” mostly just says “fuck”. He’s cute and sexy and butch and a pretty good body and pretty decent cock and some nice body hair and while he seemed to start out as mostly top, I believe he actually, genuinely does enjoy getting fucked. Soooo, so much potential and, as I agree with him, a singular distinguishing feature, his voice, except he isn’t so good at knowing what to say.

  2. I have seen a few of his videos. He is sexy and that voice is as promised…
    He also looked like he enjoyed getting fucked as well as topping.
    He is a good choice !

  3. I have seen loads of this guys, Thomas Johnson (Aka MrDeepVoice) videos and he is ok cute and versatile, which is a plus. But I dont understand why Sean Cody personnel cannot or choose not to recruit similar men that they before in their hey day.

    There are loads of hot men that could appear on the site across America, but my guess is that they dont want to have them on contract or pay them a decent wage and it cheaper to used OF/JFF models which are not the best choice. The unknowns were the best, not establish over exposed porn models!

    Gay Hoopla’s Calvin Russe is ideal for Sean Cody yet he is GH why?

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