English Lads, Colton & Jamie West

The owner of English Lads took the time to write a comment (instead of an email) on a 2012 post of Queer Me Now (an affiliate of English Lads) to tell the owner of the blog to remove a photo of Tyler Hirst.

A reader of this blog wants to know if you recognize Colton other than his scenes at Scout Boys & Boys For Sale.

The Carnal group has found a new boy who is featured in three sets recently, but he only goes by his first name, Colton, but maybe your readers recognize him from somewhere else. He is very attractive and in each of his scenes his partner wants to get at his cock fast but he is a total bottom.

Recycled scene of Jamie West is the latest update at The Casting Room. The site also re-released his 2014 scene with Dean in 2020. Jamie had scenes released at Blake Mason and English Lads prior to 2014.

8 thoughts on “English Lads, Colton & Jamie West

  1. Ignore this man Nick Baker as he cannot control everything, hence why no decent website should be promoting his inadequate smoke and mirrors site. Who on earth does he think he is. Absolutely ridiculous that he uses threats like this to remove his crap content under penalty of perjury. Jeez this is why I and so many other, have so many issues with this overzealous delusional owner. over the years!

    MOP please reach out to other blogs and websites and let them know this is this unconstructive individual’s way of gaining complete control of his inferior product. And please dont give this ‘thing’ any further publicity. Copy right, please words fail me!

    P.S That model Tyler Hirst was not even a decent G4P performer and always came across as wishing he was somewhere else, away from that think.


  2. EnglishLads = crappy website.

    In fact, I cant think of any worthy British-owned website recently. EL and BlakeMason had their time in the sun a decade ago. Their shine never returned.

    1. Former DrakeRock.com was genuine and excellent. Wonder where their inventory went to legit after they wound up.

    2. I agree Hung Young Brits is ok rough like. The Casting Room used to be good, but recycles to many videos and there is no new content and Breeder Fuckers used to be excellent but has stagnated. I used to love Blake Mason back in the day as well. EL is waste of time and the guys are fug not liKe yester year!

    3. I agree D.Rock was excellent, and I still have some of their films. Try my vidster for some of their old content, as it pretty reliable. I so wish he would come back as was good director/producer was Mr Rock!

    4. Most of the guys at EL are pretty bland looking – in my opinion. Take that Tyler Hirst guy for instance… OK body, I guess, but what else is appealing there?
      A lot of British guys seem to think differently, though, which is interesting.

      1. Well its subjective isn’t it like American guys like a type of look etc, say like CF boy next door look or the old SC masculine look or whatever catches you eye. Eeach to their own I say. EL use to have hot men back in the day, but now they are FUG!

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