16 thoughts on “Then & now on Axel Kane

  1. Don’t mind the tattoo’s, his body, his art and expression. But the fact that he hasn’t bottomed on film is a huge turn-off for me, so no thank you.

  2. These guys always ruin themselves with the tattoos. It has to be a mental issues. It’s like they’re getting tattoo vouchers from Groupon or a 5 for $10 special. It’s not necessarily the tattoos, it’s the placement of them and how gaudy they look. What happened to a cute lion on the shoulder or just a sleeve? Now they all look like walking Sistine Chapels. Goodness.

    1. There is nothing wrong with Tattoos on a guy end of. And your saying they have mental issues is just ridiculous! Seriously!

      1. The good and the bad of tattoos are that they visually illustrate what the wearer believes is important enough to outwardly communicate forever. Discreet family crests, public service or military generally signals someone who is rather interesting. And a lot of the shit people ink on themselves is really braindead stuff. I once dated a guy with cartoons like Warner Brothers illustrations and gaming characters. And his personality was as juvenile and duh as you’d expect. Some ink is so bad and sloppy, that it’s easy to identify the meth-heads and mentally ill. Or someone from places like Tampa or central Jersey.

      2. You can’t say with a straight face that the tattoos approved Axel’s look. The tattoos are poorly done. Why get something so big and gaudy on your neck of all places?

  3. For me guys ruin their look by eating that crap to increase their body weight and it makes them look bloated and the face look fat.

    1. Axel Kane was likely strength training when he looked “bloated”. It requires eating at a caloric surplus to aid in muscle repair and recovery. Eating to maintain a low body fat percentage, or worse eating at a caloric deficit, increases risk of injury. And fatigue; which can also result in injury since a person can suddenly bottom out later in a session. This happening while lifting 250-300lbs in the squat rack… not good.

      Where a person falls in the range of a caloric surplus, from remaining relatively learn to fluffy and all the way to fat, is a matter of preference.

      That said, Axel Kane is a boring and self-restricted performer. I’m not inclined to watch any of his scenes no matter his body composition.

  4. There was a stage between these two looks, when I honestly thought he was transitioning into a “chubby” performer. You covered it on a post two years ago.


    I quite liked it, but it still didn’t stop him being one one dull top.

    1. I don’t know… I think he might. He’s been teasing it more and more, as well as seems a lot more comfortable with guys than when he started. I wouldn’t be surprised if he released a scene of him trying something on his onlyfans one day.

    1. I know its pathetic he doesn’t have the looks or a roid body to help over come it like that Iranian porn star his dick is even smaller lol

  5. So sad that he jumped on the tattoo wagon. I admired him for not having any. If he wanted to be different, he should have gotten any.

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