1. Andy

    Nothing stands out. I notice Next Door hiring more feminine male models. I remember the studio was good maybe five years ago. Since Markie More left it just isn’t as good.

    • Keith

      I miss Quentin Gainz.

      • Cherrystick

        I miss Dante Martin and Scotty Zee.

  2. Collegeboi594

    I stopped watching when they had a bunch of scenes with fake fucking.

  3. Joe

    Conrad Parker no longer works at NDS . I wonder if that is going to change things up for this studio ?

  4. OldFatGuy

    For me, the good news, Ty Santana; the bad news, Damien White. It will be interesting to see if Langley Gold show any positive pleasurable emotions now that he’s away from Rob and MC. Maybe he’ll at least appear to be happier with guys his own age rather than a guy almost 3 times his age.

  5. R47

    I miss Ryan Jordan. Glad to see Carder Woods and Jaden Marcos still bottoming. Is it me or will it be a first with Justin Matthews and a POC?

    • Andre

      Not his first POC scene partner – Adrian Hart, Jake Waters…

    • DontbeSJW

      Why does it matter if Justin Matthews fuck a POC?

      • R47

        Just asking. No hate here .

        Must have missed the 2 mentioned

    • Fathom

      Nothing above does anything for me. Though Carter Woods and Nico Coopa are hot men, and they had a good flip fuck scene last year.

  6. Ollie

    So hard to find beauties like Derrick Dime, Sean holmes, Johnny Hill(before 2018) nowadays . what happens to gay porn?

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