20 thoughts on “Clayton Foster as one of the boys shared by four older men

  1. This is like a behind the scenes of a Hollywood fantasy, with older powerful gay producers having parties with the 4 tricks they have just hired for the weekend. LOL!

    Clayton is georgous and I am a little surprised that he did go to one of the more vanilla studios like Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody or Gay Hoopla or Chaosmen?

    1. Great comparison. Guys let me just decide where this extremely good looking college type stud belongs. Corbin Fisher is the only smart choice. At least the first part of his career.

      1. Thank you, These old guys were so lucky to fuck a hot young guy like Clayton, Wanna see what his asshole looks like after this,

    1. He gets fucked by 3 of them. The Guy in the glasses cant get hard and leaves before the end of the scene, so they should have had somebody else who could perform properly!

  2. Not very many penetration scenes with Clayton. Poorly photographed. At least the scene with Wolfe in the Mormon site you could see penetration

      1. He did the scene with LeGrand where they both wear white plus it looks like that site, with the same plot line, performing a ritual like scene

  3. Damn… What a waste. The third picture down says it all. Cole Blue and Clayton alone would be 5 star fucking. FOUR good looking 20 something guys and the rest old scruffy severely aged old queens. Sorry, Porn sites are staffed with good looking UNDER 50 guys for a reason. The scary part of it to me is I really think Cole likes the old men bossing him around.. Sad. He is wasted on these sites and now it looks as though Clayton will be too….

  4. I’ve noticed Clayton has trouble staying hard while getting fucked. It’s not been a problem when it is someone’s finger or a dildo, but regardless of whether he gets away from this studio, the next bottoming milestone is going to be if he can cum while he’s got a dick deep inside him.

  5. Has Clayton’s porn career ended already? It’ll be a shame not to see this boy being put to submission and fucked in the ass any more.

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