Jordan of Corbin Fisher aka Parker Ambrose

Jordan, who is married to a female porn star, was introduced four months ago by Corbin Fisher.

He now has 5 scenes released at Corbin Fisher.

He was first known on Twitter as Jordan Jaxx, the name he used for his straight scenes at See Him Fuck.

He changed his name three months ago, and he had scenes released as Parker Ambrose for sites like Naughty America.


  1. Jktooo

    Im glad u can find these things out cuz its exhaustive keeping up P s name changes. I would have never put it together this is Jordan. He is super hot and Ive been watching his NA scenes which r hot!

    • albert

      Yes, I agree with you. He really has good fucking skills. And he is a twunk I like. I’m grad he would do gay porn.

  2. Rick

    Is there like nobody who is actually gay in gay porn these days?

    • Gazzaq

      I thought that what the Gay Porn Fans wanted to see ‘straight’ men in gay porn?

      • CV

        Absolutely, I like to see straight men in gay porn. I want them to get fucked by gay guys then no more straight for them.

        • FieldMedic

          That’s not how sexuality works…

          • CC26

            It’s what we want though. Who cares what their sexuality is? It’s just porn.

            • CV

              Yes. Thank you. I voted for you Sir. These guys can’t say STRAIGHT anymore.

          • CV

            Then tell me how it works??? Porn is a just fantasy…. Don’t you think Porn is REAL??? lol

        • Gazzaq

          Agreed CV!

          • Gazzaq

            See you three are still trolling all of my comments 🤣!

        • Pssuucl

          His “wife” might have a problem with that.

          • CV

            Not really…. As long as he brings her MONEY and she doesn’t care.

        • AlbertWalker (@fantasy12151)

          OMG. I have this kinky thing too. I really enjoy watching power top or str8 guys get fucked. Because they didn’t bottom a lot, their bussy are more tight which would make them moaning very sexy. I like them screaming while bottom.

      • CV

        Yep yep….. You know you can’t make these guys to HAPPY. They like to complain for nothing.

        • Gazzaq

          Agreed 100%!

  3. Norm

    Apparently it seems that studios have an “We’ll fuck everything & anything” policy these days just to draw in viewers. Reminds me of one of those old, cheap production value, gimmicky late night local commercials sleazy businesses used to do back in the day to draw in people.

    • ncbored

      Studios exist to make money. Giving the viewer what they want to see is how they do that. If they don’t satisfy ENOUGH viewers, they fail.

      • CV

        I couldn’t agree more.

      • Gazzaq

        Yes that is correct, however most Studios especially the Gay For Pay ones including Corbin Fisher do not care about satisfying the subscribers/viewers/fans and dont fail, in fact they thrive and make even more money!

  4. Gazzaq

    Good for him as he making a career for himself. He is not my favourite but he getting around. People turn their noses up at his not sticking ‘Gay For Pay Porn’ but dont the fans want to see actual Straight Men in gay porn? After all Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher have done well out of this genre and have millions of fans dont they?

  5. txhorn

    I think it is really irresponsible for See Him Fuck to publish the models’ birthplaces and birthdays. Seeing a birthplace in Texas prior to the end of 1997 made my genealogist intuition perk up. The county he was born in had just over 300,000 people in it in 1997, so would you care to guess how many boys were born there on 4 Jul 1997? Six. His profiles also says he is Hispanic (sorry, that’s what we say in Texas, not Latino/Latina or, eyeroll, Latinx) despite each of his noms de porn being “Anglo”-ish. Of the six, five had Hispanic surnames. So I Googled/Facebook searched/Twitter searched them in quasi order of uniqueness in my opinion. Found him on the second name I searched. Total time spent: less than 5 minutes. I’m not posting the name here because I want to respect privacy, but you are not being very private if you let a studio publish facts about you that can be so identifying. I hate describing the methodology I used, but there really isn’t any other way to demonstrate to models to not give away (or let studios give away) seemingly innocuous information that can easily be used by sleuths to determine a model’s true identity.

    • Gazzaq

      I dont agree with you txhorn, as you as you find this information on their social media accounts which often used their real names. Jordan/Parker Ambrose” for example had two twitter accounts which was was clear re his non porn information and where he came from and now lives with his wife, before he deleted these account.

      Some of the model I note particularly the Corbin Fisher ones like Chris/ Barron/ Dane et al on Instagram and and Eli et al on Twitter for example, make their accounts private and you have request to join. They dont bother to respond or accept your request as it the money and attention they receive for their services, which they are after and nothing else!

      And also these day you can find this information on Porn Base Central which gives lots of information re their real names, date and place of birth. The issue is what the fans actually do with it and unfortunately some cannot adhered to boundaries.

      • CV


      • Gazzaq

        Down votes again 🙄 a recurring pattern on here with no actual responses as to why that is! Is what I am stating incorrect then ?

    • Pssuucl

      Giving your actual home town may be revealing but honestly he might be in porn to get away from home and not really care. He might also enjoy sharing his sexuality (I think most performers do). After all in this economy you can get a higher paying job doing just about anything else.

      So if you don’t like 9-5 and do enjoy showing your anus to strangers, porn straight or gay (or both) is a sensible choice.

      • CV

        You got that right.

    • emercycrite

      Come on, tell us his name!

  6. Alex

    Str8 porn can have him like for good.

  7. Chris Duran

    Another closet case who’s ashamed of his gay scenes and only promotes his straight porn on his social media. No thanks.

  8. Res1

    This guy is so basic. I don’t understand his appeal at all.

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