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7 thoughts on “Then & now on Bobby Orel aka Bruce Harrelson

  1. They always look so much better at Bel Ami. The stylists at these other studios never get it right.

  2. The fake spray tanning is popular among the body building competition community as it supposedly highlights muscle definition ala Kris Evans, Ennio Guardi etal. So that would appear to be his current focus as his latest photos confirm.

  3. Damn… Why do they always OVER do it ? Way too many “gym vitamins” as well as tanning bed/spray trump orange tint….
    He better be extra careful with vitamin -S- it is known to shrink the cock and balls and this guy barely had any cock to begin with.

  4. He came back so tanned! And while I’m thrilled to see him bottom, I gotta admit I’m glad to see him fuck the returnee Josef Blazkowicz

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