1. Scott

    Think MEN will be around for 25 years?

    • Ty Huber

      With technological advancements I don’t think we can even imagine how porn will be presented in 25 years. MEN, like all porn sites, will likely evolve with the times, but I wouldn’t risk a 25 year investment.

      • Linkin

        It’s only 300 bucks it’s not like it’s an actual investment. I did the math and it comes down to just 1 dollar per month. I’m not saying I would do it cause I already have it included with my Sean Cody membership but it’s a steal – almost a 90% discount.

  2. Rick

    Agreed.. with the way this industry works, they’ll be lucky if their here in 5.. or if they are they’ll be merged and sold under a different name. That means your “25 year subscription” just went down the toilet.

  3. Wade

    Smells like a cash grab to me. Perhaps they need to raise some capital fast for an undisclosed reason?

  4. tig68

    Who in their right mind would spend that money on something that is not guaranteed to be there for that long of a time. Besides there are sites out there that download the videos so anyone can download them for free. scenes are stolen from all kinds of people. But they can try this to see if it works for them which i dont think it will.

  5. Pertinax

    As if they’ll be around in 25 years.

  6. McM.

    Would probably do the SC subscription if it still offered unlimited downloads.

    So, nah. Pass on both.

  7. KCnLB

    While I don’t watch a lot of content from Men. If you break it down versus the monthly plan, You break even in the 17th month so in a year and a half, you are watching for free. If they close in 5 years then no skin off your teeth!

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