Franco Ferarri (2012) aka Matt Lian (2023)

Franco Ferarri [movies] is known for his work in 2012 at Lucas Entertainment.

He joined Twitter last January as Matt Lian to promote his fan site.


  1. Max

    Thank god for steroids and filler.. 🙄

    • Reg

      It’s steroids (veins that prominent aren’t usual), filler, “body sculpting” aka lipo and it looks like implants too. He’s spent a LOT of money looking shockingly older than 11 years and far worse than if he’d just left himself alone. He was handsome and natural, but now processed and pretty off-putting.

  2. kevin

    a good looking man transforms into a good looking man with muscles…I am all for it

    • Rockhard288

      I know there’s a Brazilian poster on here. You like to claim your woman are great but your men are A1

  3. Magnus

    He’s hot. Tren is a wonderful thing.

  4. Camille

    Handsome boy

  5. Adel

    It’s about time he returned to porn, he was so amazing in the Lucas Entertainment scenes, especially where Michael Lucas fucked his brains out and came in his mouth. Welcome back!

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