A membership at Belami Online does not include the scenes of Johan Paulik. It will cost you extra. You can get a glimpse of him as the camera man “He retired from modeling in 2004 — although he does still turn up periodically in our documentaries as a cameraman — and yet his fame endures.

There is now a chance that his scenes will be re-released for members to watch without the extra cost. A remastered scene from the movie Sauna Paradiso was released today by Belami Online. It had Johan as the cleaning staff who watched the threesome of Martin Valko, Andrej Sovinski & Jozeph Skala.

[scenes of Johan at AEBN]

10 thoughts on “If you miss Johan Paulik

  1. YES I do miss Johan. I MISS A LOT of the “stars” from that era. Give me one KRISTIAN JENSEN, MAX ORLOFF, DANO SULIK or ION DAVIDOV or the best for last – ROMAN PAULIK over any of today’s stars. Those movies were different from today’s “scenes” in a lot of ways. They were better filmed, better acted and for the most part, the actors were better looking as well as they didn’t all look the same. They didn’t always goof for the camera and act like – “look how cute we are fighting, cooking or walking down a road” and today’s ” frozen face of surprise” while fucking was also thankfully absent. The movies had a degree of intimacy and “hotness” factor that today’s scenes sorely lack. I really cannot believe it has been as many years as it has since the beginning of BelAmi but it has. Oh well, at least we have them on VHS tape or DVD!

    1. “frozen face of surprise” — LOL. I hate it so much. I agree with everything you’ve written about the differences. I’d only push back that some of the explicit sexual stuff (rimming, penetration shots, cumshots) has improved, and there’s often a level of passion that was missing in the old days. True to its time period, the classic stuff almost always presented gay sex as something secret and hidden. It’s been an interesting ride at BA.

      1. Yes, unfortunately the “frozen face of surprise” has spread out of control. Its almost every studio, every star now. I have had my cock in many an asshole and the guy has never looked like its a surprise we both know it was coming, No Pun Intended ! Well, maybe a small one. I will admit that the more current batch of BelAmi guys are shown on screen nastier. I like the cum in asshole close up and the eating of cum from asses and swapped in a kiss! With the exception of a few new stars of today, I just like the vibe of the older movies. And as paint by numbers as the scenes are today I usually watch them and can shoot a load out to it so I guess it serves its purpose.

  2. Nah that alright as I got loads of material from my old collection, and if Bel Ami like Sean Cody are choosing to remove scenes from the sites and expecting their subscribers to pay separately for this they taking the piss. All of Johan Paulik scenes will no doubt appear video sites like Porno Hub, X Videos and MyVidster for fraction of the price. These companies are too damn greedy treating and taking their loyal customers for fools who have supported them for years. I know yous lot will not like this but these companies making millions from us Gay Men and like I stated above take the piss!

    1. The scene referred to in the original post was part of Falcon’s International line, pre-BelAmi. They’re being re-released on the main BelAMi platform, without any extra charge. The video qiality isn’t very good tho.

  3. Sadly Johan Paulik didn’t age well like Lukas Ridgeston, who only became hotter with time, like a fine wine. Johan will always be one of the most handsome twinks on earth, but he could not become a hot daddy.

  4. I’m not sure what the statement about ‘costing extra’ means. Bel Ami isn’t charging extra. This was the 4th scene they have re-leased from Geroge Duroy’s pre-BA work for Falcon. Falcon is also releasing remastered scenes from those videos weekly on their own platform.

  5. Martin Valko was gorgeous IMO. Wasn’t he one of the first to top Lukas Ridgeston? I believe it was a flip flop, and if I’m not mistaken, he bottomed in the scene shown here.

    I think it was BA that announced years ago that Martin was in a car accident, suffering injuries.

    1. Yeah he had the honour to take Lukas anal virginity. So beautiful Lukas. And beautiful Johan Paulik too

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