Austin Wolf wants to know where you live.

Judging from the replies of porn fans to the question “You go to EDC and see him, wyd??“, you need to warn the twinks 😁.

18 thoughts on “Warn the twinks!

  1. I was honestly dying with laughter as I read these responses and others on twitter.

    With a reputation like that, who needs enemies lol…

  2. After reading the responses, I honestly believe he’d roofie someone’s Shirley Temple 🤣

  3. Now that’s pretty fucked up that just about everyone knows that you’ve got a bias against grown ass men of all races, especially black. This should be a humbling and lesson learning response. Sometimes it takes a mass group of humiliation to deflate the ego and in this case, extinguish those rope burned nipples he twists every damn second.

  4. I don’t understand appeal of Austin Wolf his penis is so small maybe five inches hard. He isn’t attractive either. Yuck.

    1. That’s a hard accusation to make on someone you think you know. Get a little information or do some investigation before being a keyboard tough guy.

  5. Well ppl keep paying him and those Latin twinks are more than willing to take and desperate enough to his toxic load. Scratch that. He can’t cum. He only pretends to.
    I thought he was in his 50s.

  6. I think he’s hot. Especially in person. Though he clearly prefers awkward looking little boys and not grown men. He should shift his focus to working with quality and not just quantity.

  7. A lot of creepy guys are into FTM because female height and bone size can make some of them look like underage boys. The FTM called Noah is a great example. Her fans 100% suspicious.

    1. And for some odd ass reason, every one of these porn dudes want to slide up inside of Noah. Especially the ones who claim to be gay. Michael Boston, Austin Wolf, Leander and now Devin Franco. It’s just crazy.

      1. Fabian Divani should be added and don’t forget Gabriel Bradshaw the horse face Twink simps on her.

      2. The list is getting bigger and bigger each day, eh?

        You can also add Gabriel Cross into this list as well, as he did fuck one FTM recently. In fact, he and Leander did so on the same timeframe.

        There’s also a bunch of OnlyFans “gay” creators also jumping on this bandwagon.

    2. Most of that Creepy FTM followers are from Bots that retweet mainly Porn and tend to always have anime profile pics and be from Latin America or Asia. Noah Way Babes is gross but does expose fake gays like Devin Franco and Fabian Divani.

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