Jay Tee “The longer I live on this planet, the more I understand why roosters start their day screaming.”



  1. Reg

    Christ…now the wife is cameoing on his gay porn star account Twitter? Roman was already a turn-off, but that’s making it ridiculous.

    And I’m struggling to believe that’s the same Markus Kage who started out. He looks like he’s taken so many steroids, testosterone and ink that his body has just collapsed under the weight of the physical abuse he’s done to it.

  2. Res1

    I guess Kellan thought because he was one of HGF & Co’s biggest pornstars that people were going to flock to his OF. A lot of guys who thought they could put the middle finger up to studios because of OF are having the same fate. OF lost its luster. The big boom it got during the pandemic started to wear off naturally, and once people started to realize that solos and baiting were all they were going to get, they checked out. They realized that studios got more out of the performers than OF ever did for the 3 years they were on the platform. What I’ve noticed is a lot of the queerbaiters who didn’t catch on like the Peachysams turn their page into a couple’s page or they show up on their girlfriend’s page once they realize no one cares. Maybe he should do that…

    *Truth be told, a lot of studios make the guys. None of the guys seem to have the same allure once they part from the studio.

    • MoPFan

      Kellan should have put more effort into it. He seldom posted a video clip that was more than a few seconds long, and most of his content was just headless dick pic selfies. He and Chase started their OF accounts at the same time. Chase worked hard for a couple of years and made enough money to buy a Jaguar and a house in Vegas. Now he owns his own business selling Pokémon collectibles full-time.

      But you’re right. There are a few content creators who still produce good content, and they are making real money. But Onlyfans is mostly now just a platform that enables lazy content creators to monetize shitty content…and fans are starting to wise up.

    • Gazzaq

      Mate you are spot on with your analysis and I am so glad that OFF/JFF is losing it appeal finally and people are wising up re some of the rubbish significantly lacking content that is passing of as gay pornography.

      Now if only the Studios would improve their content to attract more subscribers instead of producing mediocre crap all the time, that would be a great start to revive the stagnant industry!

  3. Cherrystick

    Roman Todd, gay porn’s star boy. Please, not in my book. I’m starting to see that people are slowly waking the fuck up and seeing this guy in a different light. It’s about time.

  4. Magnus

    My god… Markus Kage has destroyed himself. He was so handsome at one time.

    Diesel W… No one thinks you’re crazy. We think you’re an incredibly stupid has-been clamoring for attention by stirring shit.

  5. Gazzaq

    Ta Denz for the TWT round up and sorry in advance as cant be positive about most of the tweets this week I’m afraid .

    Jesus there are some weird delusion individuals working and hanging about within the gay porn industry.

    For goodness sake Diesel get a grip your embarrassing yourself man jeez, you were not as good as you thought you were and this constant ranting is doing yourself no favours.
    Nico D Porn Models think they are above answering/liking tweets or Instagram contact and just want our money and attention to affirm their desirability, so whatever mate.
    Hasn’t Beaux B just has a spat with someone over a nothing just to get attention? Sad!
    Kellan H Has left the industry And, who the fuck cares seriously?
    Elliot is flogging a dead horse so to speak, and is a one trick pony boring closet bloke and I use to rate him.
    Jay Tee enough said a mediocre performer but he nice looking though
    Tony Genius and your brand yeah ok whatever. Mate RFC are a good solid studio, you be back soon enough to work with them, when the money and work dry’s up.
    Nice of Vince but didn’t he record this same video 3 months ago?
    Andreas hope you get better but your another in that doe not acknowledge your tweets
    Finally Mickey best of luck in your studies mate.

    Cheers roll on another week in the land of gay porn!

  6. ericstrondheim8

    It’s weird when someone leaves porn, and you never heard of them.

  7. McM.

    @ Aspen.

    If someone attempts suicide DO NOT ANNOUNCE IT! DO NOT IDENTIFY THEM!

    They are already going through enough. You have no idea how making this information public will affect them and their future opportunities.

    There are better ways to start a conversation about men’s mental health.

    • rob Marshman

      I don’t think lecturing someone who has lost a brother to suicide and two other siblings, his father and all his grandparents in the last few years, on how they talk about suicide and death is appropriate. His brother was dead. He took him down. As problematic as I find Aspen in many areas i think in this case he can say whatever the fuck he wants however he wants without judgement from me or anyone else. If you didn’t know the full story or the extent of his loss then you maybe shouldn’t have commented. You don’t have to dig far into his socials to find the evidence including funeral services

  8. The Porn Emperor

    Billy Essex is such a puzzle to me.

  9. Bruiser

    And there is Miss Elliot 120% heterosexual Finn with another bug eyed inspirational upbeat ; I hated gay porn,I never was attracted to any of my co workers, gay sex was painful, all my scene partners were attracted to me and were bi but not me to them, it was a job I hated every second that’s why I did it for 4 years. I love only my GF, that’s why we fuck on camera. BTW buy my underwear.,did I mention I dislike my gay fans… wash , rinse, repeat,…. Yawn.

  10. Alex W

    Unfortunately, the matrix consists of many simulated realities. Gay porn just happens to be one of its many branches. Ugh. Why are Sunday tweet days always so depressing? You really see people for who they are. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. Mostly referring to Elliot Finn. I mean, who gives a shit about this guy anyway? He never appealed to me even when I didn’t know what an asshole he was. I will say this, however. He makes me think less badly of Malik Delgaty.

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