Bruce Huxley as the boyfriend in Double Timing Bottom and Double Timing Bimbo

Men had Bruce Huxley as the boyfriend of Joey Mills in Double Timing Bottom. Trans Angels had him as the boyfriend of Isabella Gomez in Double Timing Bimbo.

Joey Mills is horny, but his tattooed boyfriend, Bruce Huxley, won’t even look up from his phone when Joey grinds against him. The horny bottom turns his attention to Bruce’s hot roommate William Seed, sucking him and sneakily fucking him on the couch, then goes to take a shower. William follows, fucking the bottom doggystyle and hiding behind the shower curtain when Bruce gets a blowjob from Joey! Then they sneak back to William’s room, where he fucks the bottom missionary and Joey rides him till they cum.

Raven-haired beauty Isabella Gomez is frustrated that her boyfriend, Bruce Huxley, is distracted by his phone and ignoring her, even when she seductively flaunts her sexy body in front of him. Turning her attention to her boyfriend’s roommate, tattooed hunk Tony D’Angelo, the horny temptress crawls over and treats Tony to a sneaky blowjob, and then she sticks her nice round ass up in the air and invites the bearded stud to fuck her doggystyle! Afterwards, Tony joins the hot tgirl in the shower where the raunchy pair continue their naughty fun. When Isabella’s muscular boyfriend enters the bathroom with a throbbing erection, the beautiful trans babe sucks him off until he cums all over her face, and then she heads to the bedroom with Tony to ride his thick rod in cowgirl! Next, Isabella spreads her legs and invites her well-hung lover to drill her tight hole in missionary position until he also treats her to a messy facial!

8 thoughts on “Bruce Huxley as the boyfriend in Double Timing Bottom and Double Timing Bimbo

  1. Well, I suppose cell phones are more of a distraction than a salad.

    Crap like this makes me appreciate my FalconGroup subscription even more. (Bring on the downvotes for mentioning FalconGroup actually produces good content.)

  2. This looks so cringeworthy. Everything about this looks like shit. This should’ve gone to the vault to never be seen by anyone.

  3. Well, I’d rather be looking at my phone than at any of that.

    What is it though with porn stars wearing clothes for their scenes these days?

    I know Ryan Bones stayed dressed, because he put weight on and was self-conscious about it, but it’s not sexy to be looking at a flannel shirt. I suppose if William Seed was wearing a corset under that vest…but then I’d still rather someone was naked, regardless of their size!

  4. Oh shit please bring me the phone and the damn salad with extra dressing and croutons so I can be distracted completely from this disastrous porn. Is this really we’re we’ve gone when it comes to porn? Recycling the same sets, the same scenarios and passing around these same boring ass weirdo models. Ugh.

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