First time of Travis Stevens, Dallen of Corbin Fisher and Ryder Flynn

The first scene of Travis Stevens at Cocky Boys had him in a flip fuck with Andy Chris – his first scene released with his real-life boyfriend. This is also the first scene of Travis with a mullet hairstyle.

The first scene of Dallen fucking a guy at Corbin Fisher had him in a bisexual threesome with Rocky. Finally, another newbie who is willing to suck a cock and fuck a guy.

The first fuck scene of Ryder Flynn at Sean Cody had him as the top to Carter Collins.

8 thoughts on “First time of Travis Stevens, Dallen of Corbin Fisher and Ryder Flynn

  1. Rocky is the star of the Dallen (not Darren) show–this is one of his best even if it’s bi. He is enamored with Dallen’s cock, is well and truly fucked and then eagerly sits on the floor and eats every drop of Dallen’s cum. The girl is an afterthought, especially in the shower where Rocky and Dallen make out forever.This is a Rocky classic.

  2. I was happy to see Dallen take the plunge, not like that other dude, Houston. A waste of my money.

  3. The scene with Andy & Travis was hot. It’s cool to see real life boyfriends show us their intimate life and this was another example of it.

  4. CARTER COLLINS is really under appreciated. I have seen 3 scenes with him ( 2 with his cute big dicked boyfriend ) and he is always hard and horny and into the sex! Plus, he is very attractive.

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