Travis Stevens “I see so many young dudes just ruin their bodies with steroid usage… horrible skin and being bald isn’t worth having muscles for a couple years.”


  1. Akerus

    Diesel Washington’s posts are actually quite valid most of the time, but the problem is that he always presents things in a manner that makes him look like a functionally illiterate attention whore. I cannot understand how he doesn’t realize that he won’t be taken seriously until he changes his approach – especially because it’s evident that he DESPERATELY craves other people’s validation. Anyway, in this instance I fully agree with him.

    I can imagine that Justin has filed a report with the police, right? Because it would be rather absurd for him to denounce on Twitter the fact that his life has been threatened by a random stranger, and then not do anything about it beyond trying to get likes and retweets from his followers… 🙄

    Andy Lee isn’t bisexual at all. He is a shameless pandering-sexual who will relentlessly cocktease for money, and his schtick became stale about two or three years ago. How this boring, uninteresting, obviously straight dullard became a sensation is beyond all logic, when there are better looking guys who do it all.

    And speaking of straight men who do everything in porn, Roman Todd is an idiot from head to toe. Seriously, why would anyone allow you to sign random DVDs, when they would have no evidence whatsoever that the signature is yours? There’s a reason why book/record/DVD signings are done in person, you bonehead! Does he seriously think that he is so famous that people would recognize his doodling on a DVD cover? Talk about being delusional.

    Finally, I will finish on a positive note by saying that Trenton Ducati is looking rather fine and it’s nice to see Antonio Biaggi doing something truly creative. I don’t like flamenco, but he is a rather expressive dancer.

    • Max

      Roman Todd isn’t straight he has sex with men going all the way for years. He is actually one of the best porn models in the business. Roman is 37 years old yet he looks damn good and fit. His only fans account definitely one of the best. He is one of the best versatile models in the business. He has sex with the hottest men. After all, he could easily have sex with women he is a handsome guy.

    • Reg

      Yeah, Andy Lee and his “legion”. He’s recruited guys who you can’t even call Gay4Pay. They’re painfully straight. Big Harry, Big Liam and “The Gang”.

      I still remember the first time Andy appeared and how ANGRY he was when he was doing cam shows and if the guy who was paying for them dared to be naked on the other end of the camera. He’s not just straight, but homophobic…but has cottoned-onto the fact that he can make money by gay-baiting and thirst-trapping.

      The guys who pay for his guys’ content must have VERY low self-esteem.

    • The Porn Emperor

      “Seriously, why would anyone allow you to sign random DVDs, when they would have no evidence whatsoever that the signature is yours?”

      Because he was standing right there and the clerk can see that you’re the person on the cover. These are not “random DVDs.” They’re boxes with his picture on them. And by signing them, the store might actually have a better chance of selling them. I think you didn’t even read the post.

      • Akerus

        And pray tell, how do the people who would be interested in purchasing the DVDs know that the signature is his, since he wouldn’t be there to prove it? Should the store clerk have recorded a video of him signing the covers and play it on a loop, so prospective buyers would know that the signature is his? I don’t think that many people would really care, as anything signed by him cannot be resold (he is in the Z List when it comes to “celebrities”) and porn fans care about the DVD’s content, not his signature.

        I have read the post indeed, and it still doesn’t make any sense for him to expect to be told that he can do such a thing.

        • Ian

          I mean, if you go to a book store it’s not really a thing to demand evidence of witnesses if you come across a signed copy which has a sticker, “Signed by the Author.” It’s easy enough for a store to slap a sticker on a signed dvd. I have no idea if that would really make the difference for someone to buy one, but he’s got a big fan base per OnlyFans and his studio ubiquity.

          The real issue is Roman Todd’s inflated ego that it was basically his divine right to bequeath that gift onto the store’s inventory.

          • Reg

            He really does think he’s the Big I Am. Although, “porn” seems to think that he is too. Not the audience, but whoever keeps flogging the dead horse that is Roman Todd.

  2. Max

    Ok so there’s alot to unpack here this week.

    First off there are varying degrees of gay and not all gay men are the same. Some are more fem, some more butch and some are in the middle.. to say that you’re not gay unless you’re a “certain type of gay” is actually quite homophobic IMO..

    And speaking of someone who believes in a certain kind of gay, Masculine Jason now looks like someone brother stole his sisters Ken doll, used markers and drew all over its skin & added a doo rag , but decided to make sure the teeth stayed pearly white.

    • Jay

      He’s talking about sexual attraction. If you’re into women sexually, you’re aren’t gay. You’re bisexual or straight.

      Let’s not abandon logic, please.

  3. Alex

    You’re right about Masculine Jason.. just pure ick vibes coming from him.

    And I thank God every day that not all gay men are the same, cause unfortunately there are alot out there left to be undesired

  4. Rockhard288

    I’m skeptical about Doxy prep. That’s going to lead to antibiotic resistant STIs real quick. Unless someone well versed in it tells me otherwise it’s just in practice the abuse by gay men and their loose attitude in regards to sex makes me think this whole prep experiment going to end badly.

    Mpox already resurging within vaccinated populations which means the efficacy sucks.

  5. Camille

    Trenton Ducati 💖 You are an icon

  6. Reg

    I actually agree with Diesel! Wow. Well said.

    And Dom, can you really say it’s collaborating that you’re doing?

    HOW is Roman Todd EVERYWHERE? And seriously…now he’s winning awards? This guy was a two-bit one-hit-wonder, then disappeared and is now back like a particularly unpleasant STD.

    • The Porn Emperor

      You’re mistaken about Roman Todd. He’s been working consistently since his Randy Blue Days way back in 2010. He’s done literally hundreds of scenes. He upgraded his body a couple of years ago and added about 20-30 lbs of muscle. Since then, he’s been one of the hardest working bitches in gay porn. Versatile, consistent, reliable. He deserves the accolades.

  7. Res1

    I get how people feel about Andy Lee, but at least he’s honest about it unlike 65% of men in gay porn. His friend, whose name escapes me at the moment, is in denial. I remember watching a YouTube video with he and Andy being interview by a guy named Tony. Andy said he doesn’t label his sexuality but the other guy whose name escapes me was adamant that he is heterosexual even though he has gone much further than Andy. Prior to that interview, he was only getting sucked off, but now he’s sleeping guys. I agree that gay men who support such men do not have high self esteem. Nothing about those guys is attractive when you take the appeal of straight away, but that’s the key ingredient.

  8. Soothsay

    Ok ok..I know I should NOT bring it up, but….
    David Skylar.

    There are two fascinating things about him-

    a) His slow-road-to-full-blown-insanity meltdown on Twitter. I mean, seriously – make up your mind. Either you want to be in porn (you do) or you don’t (you do). You can’t believe you got pushed out of porn so you presume it is because your politics. There are too many reports of him being perceived as “unhinged” around his co stars, and this weird “I am super straight” persona. I don’t think a lot of studios care about his politics (given studios have kept worst-looking poor performers with similar conservative leanings). What Skylar doesn’t get is that he comes off as unstable in his posts (like Heinrick Sommer), which is going to keep people running from him.

    b) Pppl keep saying “oh porn actors politics shouldn’t matter” . For many, I don’t think it is the politics of David Skylar, Sargent Miles, Ricky Larkin, or Xavier Ryan (omg – this kid. Full on coded Nazi – when he talks about ‘owning property’ on his Twitter he means black slaves. He’s been thrown off Twitter more times than I can count).

    It isn’t their politics – it is the apparent glee with which they present far right politics, knowing it is going to piss people off. Example – you work for a nursing home. Residents like more staid and quiet things, generally. You aren’t required to do so. But if you roll up in there blasting gansta rap and death metal every morning, loudly, you’ll tick people off. In other words, people believe what the want to, but being a provacateur purposely, to be some type of low rent “bad boy”? It is tacky.

  9. Pavel Ford

    Well, nice to see all porn guys are not into steroids. Well said Travis Stevens.
    Tom Faulk – best of luck, best to stay away from the porn world. Your time as a star was over anyway. With all that ink and bulk now it definitely is.
    Paul D Canon – Wow, nice d list crowd you run with. Even in that pathetic group you are a distant 4th…
    ETHAN TATE – You are the hottest guy to show up on the scene in a long time. HOT sex from you all the time. Nice body, Great cock, and that pretty smile. Keep plugging away, you are a winner!

  10. JB

    I’m just grateful we FINALLY had a weekly update that didn’t include Elliot Finn and all of his nonsense.

  11. NovaStar

    People have issue with Diesel but he said nothing but the truth. You’re lying to people saying that you’re gay but enjoy pussy. Even more offensive is having seeing it in my face with these films. We have so many performers who don’t/won’t suck dick but you expect me to watch them eat & fuck pussy and be ok with it? You got me fucked up & insulting me & my intelligence isn’t the way to my heart & my wallet. Be bisexual all day i don’t care but don’t say you’re gay when you’re doing all of this stuff.

  12. NovaStar

    Am I the only one his tired of seeing Roman Todd all over the place? I find him to be very overrated & not all that great of a performer. He’s had great moments but he’s not consistent to me. And who in their right mind thinks it’s ok to sign merchandise that isn’t theirs? The least he can do is ask the merchant if that would be alright to do but to be mad cause they told you no? FOH. Talk about narcissistic to the max. He needs to go sit down somewhere.

    • The Porn Emperor

      He DID ask to sign it, and they declined. Did you even read the post? Or were you just so eager to bitch that you jumped straight to the comments?

      • NovaStar

        And were you so eager to be a bitch because i said something you weren’t agreeing with? Go fuck off somewhere

  13. Hal

    Jason’s teeth remind me of that episode of friends when Ross got his teeth whitened and glowed under a black light.

  14. Cherrystick

    I don’t know about Tom Faulk and this announcement of a comeback. I caught one of his cam shows and I was underwhelmed severely. I used to be a Tom fanatic but even I’m not holding my breath on this one. Glad he’s happy being out but I’m hoping he takes care of himself and not try to desperately get back in the industry. The facial tats aren’t looking good too.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Diesel. He’s absolutely right. If you’re engaging with women far into your sexual journeys, I don’t give a damn if you’re sleeping with 100 men and just 1-2 women a month, you’re not gay. Gay men don’t go frolicking back and forth. These guys in porn who do so aren’t gay. They’re bisexual and that’s truth. Now you could lean for men more in your bisexuality but exclusively homosexual. No sir.

    I’m also so elated that he checked Ricky’s ass. Anyone who gets that POS checked is A/OK in my book. He’s repulsive and his attitude towards gays and men of color is gross.

    Roman shows us more and more of his cringe and self righteousness every singe day. To think that you take offense because a business owner or worker doesn’t want you to damage their goods is crazy. You don’t see celebrities going into a shop and start signing their movies or music without permission. They said NO and therefore you move the fuck along. Going on a rant about it is childish and lame. So you John Doe won’t be scribbled on your ass cheek today sir.

    Tony Genius needs to rethink the name. Yes safety is key but you can also be safe your damn self in many ways. I don’t understand why condom usage is so fucking taboo. All of these medical advancements are cute and all but there’s always a small percentage of default and that doesn’t have to be because of a model drinking. You’re worried about that when you could double up your chances of protection and be safe. Call me old fashioned but safe sex is just as hot as bareback.

    Then Tony showing off his girlfriend in the scenario was a ew moment. The oh so subtle, I’m a gay porn star but into women plug was like dude, go sit the hell down somewhere. That was cringe in a basket.

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