Top and bottom: Sage Roux

The bisexual Sage Roux is on three sites as the latest update.

Sketchy Sex had him top Atlas Steele.

Frat X had him bottom in an orgy.

Masonic Boys only had the fingers of Dillon Stone shoved inside his hole in his first scene on the site.

On Twitter, it’s all about the women for Sage.


  1. logogay

    This is exactly the problem with some “bisexuals”. They want to make a few bucks and then shoot for gay sites that aren’t as popular or seen by gay audiences. And then her own content on OF or anywhere is full of pussy. No wonder they are so unknown or that hardly anyone is interested in them.
    Also I haven’t had the “pleasure” to see this actor in a convincing “gay porn” yet. LoL

    • YassifiedDuoLingoOwl

      I mean, maybe he wants to make money while remaining relatively anonymous.

      • logogay

        That makes sense, yes LOL
        But he didn’t get any money from me because I haven’t seen anything from him and probably won’t see anything from him in the future

  2. NovaStar

    This is all kinds of “yuck” right here.

  3. Pavel Ford

    The Sketchy Sex pictures… Who is the guy doing the fucking in the 4th and 5th down Sketchy Sex pictures??? I like him.

  4. Beyonce

    Even if bisexual Guy has his twitter flooded with tuna it doesn’t prove he is actually straight- Johnny Hill’s twitter was flooded with tuna but he was indeed bisexual (or pansexual as he liked to label himself) since he had no problem staying hard as top and bottom and breeding or pulling out without edits.

    • logogay

      Who the hell is Johnny Hill? lol
      Oh yes, there was something……of course they are all bi when it comes to money, but straight in all areas of life! Seems kinda familiar to this pattern……

      • KillTheKarma

        Since they obviously enjoy sex with guys and are turned on by male (hot) body they are bi- just because they have no desire to date/marry a man doesn’t make them straight.

        • IDK

          Yes, but I don’t believe such men should be the object of any special praise or recognition in the gay porn industry.

          We already seen this play out several times: Collin Simpson, Ricky Larkin, Davin Strong… and the list goes on and on.

          It’s always this same dance until they all notice straight and (specially) bisexual women have no interest in them, then they all do a 180° and decide they always preferred to be with men all along.

          Insert section here with examples demonstrating how many of these men go on to e-beg to suggar daddies with a list of conditions that can be summed up to “we are in a relationship, but not really”.

          Let’s not even elaborate on the cases in which they engage on full pity-party mode and go on and on about how gay porn “destroyed their lives” and made them undesirable for women, shall we?

    • Touch Grass

      “Beyonce,” you’re so naive. Guys in the porn industry use ‘dick drugs’ that can make them stay hard for anything. It’s a known trick in the industry. So you actually you can’t gage a performers sexual orientation based on the erection because of how commonly used these medications are in the industry. And it’s not plain old Viagra.

      He could inject his dick with the drug and fuck a dog in the ass if he had to, and he’d be rock hard the whole time

      It means nothing.

      • Beyonce

        But his dick got soft after cumshot, while you use Trimix you stay hard several hours after.
        Also since he cums right after pulling out it means he was turned on by the bottom he was fucking…. In str8 porn most guys have no problem with fucking girl and pull out without any edit… guess why.

        You are naive.
        And stop trying make a case 4 g4p , you can try to make a case for flat earth as well.

  5. Max

    Calling him ” The bisexual” makes him sound like a god damned Unicorn lol

  6. hiro_shi

    I thought he didn’t want to shoot gay scenes?? So, gay money really can change people’s sexuality, huh?

    “On Twitter, it’s all about the women for Sage.” Did the admin who posted this just indirectly called him out? Lollll

    • logogay

      That is always the reality. Straight in all ways of life. “Gay” or “Bi” just for money.

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