16 thoughts on “Back in action: Wess Russel, Tony Romero, and Christian Power

    1. The thing is, they are SO badly filmed. I swear that you’d get a much better end result with an old android, but it’s all close-ups of genitals, you’ve no idea who’s actually in the video unless they get credited and usually the guy getting used as a cum-dump, is a minger.

      1. Thats why u take a minute to find out what what ur fave PS is wearing, color of his sock or color of his shoes or make sure u know their tatts. Its like rewarding when u realize which ps u like is fucking. Its easier to know who bottom is cuz most of these chaotic scenes focus on bottoms.

  1. The actors are ok as long as they don’t show up again with pussy sex for gays and advertise it big time. The studios are a matter of taste. Skechty Sex, Frat X or Raunchy Bastards, BoysHalfwayHouse are a matter of opinion and fetish. Just like when gays subscribe to BGF or HGF even though they know they won’t see any gay sex there. LOL

    1. But most of the gay pornstars are bisexual so why shouldn’t they enjoy pussy on screen as well? Or having their prostate poked while being deep inside pussay in MMF action?

      1. Since you’re one of those QUEER/BI/STRAIGHT/PAN/FLUID worshipers who believes in it then that’s just how it is (you keep writing the same arias about the same thing as me) so everyone here already knows who true you are!
        And does pussy in gay porn really bother you?
        I don’t think.
        That’s FACT!

          1. You are also one of the subscribers and fans of these pussy sites and are really into straight actors who only do solos and bad G4P on MEN/MG!

  2. Wess Russel and Tony Romero are hot, but I don´t like Sketchy Sex. It is a very aggressive site in my opinion. Rough sex can be hot sometimes, however I like to watch scenes when the partners seem to enjoy the rough sex. Sketchy sex sometimes seems bullying and I don´t appreciate that. I will not waste my money and time with that. There are several scenes with rough sex more beautiful and interesting, without this disgusting style.

  3. All of these guys look far from their porn star prime. They’ve lost a lot of muscle mass and tone. At least two of them look like they’re suffering from addiction or illness.

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