Loves to top: Braxton Cruz, Apolo Adrii (or Adri), and Clark Delgaty

Braxton Cruz with Angel Santana as his latest bottom at Cocky Boys and Johnny Donovan as his latest bottom at Men

Apolo Adrii with Excelsior as his latest bottom at Men At Play and Bastian Karim as his latest bottom at Carnal Plus via Boy For Sale

Clark Delgaty, with Kayla La Soumise as his latest bottom at Adult Time and Angellica Good as the first trans to suck his cock at Trans Angels

10 thoughts on “Loves to top: Braxton Cruz, Apolo Adrii (or Adri), and Clark Delgaty

  1. Braxton Cruz: As long as they shoot for studios other than MEN/MG, everything is better except this crappy studio.
    Apolo Adri: Amazing guy, sexy.
    Clark Delgaty: Absolute disappointment and errors in the entire system (at least for gays) like your “brother” Malik and all the other G4Ps.

  2. Braxton Cruz isn’t too bad, but Clark Delgaty needs to gather up all the rest of the Delgatys and just go away.

    I agree with the previous poster that Apolo Adrii is always amazing and sexy. I’ve enjoyed seeing him in everything he’s been in. For a long time I thought he was 100% top but I’ve recently run into scenes where he bottomed, and was pleasantly surprised. He is definitely boyfriend material!

      1. Assuming that our webmaster doesn’t mind a shameless plug for Andolini’s website, one that I remember right away is that Apolo bottomed for Andolini in a scene called “Dieu Grec” (Greek God). It’s not only a rare example of Apolo bottoming but it’s also unusual in that Andolini is seen without his usual face mask.

        1. Andolini XXL had a hot fuck session in a hotel room with Jack Aries. We could see his face because he took off the mask. A handsome male guy, hairy and with an amazing cock.
          This guy definitely doesn’t need Viagra or a fake cum shot.
          The German Actor Dennis XL (also a very hot male hairy guy with an XL cock) has bottomed for Andolini. What hot fuck sessions and scenes. Who needs MEN/MG for that? Or other studios?

  3. Braxton Cruz: Gorgeous. Amazing skin tone. Beautiful hole. It´s erotic to see the Top´s anus. Please, more photos of that!
    Angel Santana: Gorgeous. Peachy skin. Perfect face.
    Johnny Donovan: Gorgeous. Precious eyes. Perfect face.
    Delgaty Clark: Boring. A disappointment. A fraud, as he was announced as Malik Delgaty’s brother in an absolutely wrong and deservedly much criticized marketing move. He should retire immediately.

  4. Adri has made tons of videos on onlyfans and many of those are top notch. But he sometimes disappoints when filming for studios, with problems staying hard and occasionally, as in the scene above, with fake cum (almost all of Clark Delgaty’s cumshots are fake).

  5. Apolo – Looks interesting, have to see him work…
    Chastity Femboy ????????? Really? They combine 2 of the worst “gay porn” fads in recent memory… The Cock Cage – who really finds this device sexy or interesting?
    Fem Boys – I think it needs to be re titles.. UGLY Girls/Guys

  6. Braxton Cruz: Both scenes are the perfect example of why so many of these performers are so inconsistent with the work they do. With the CockyBoys film, Braxton is being the freak I knew he could always be. He’s sucking dick, along with rimming & fucking. That’s what a gay porn should look like all the time. With MEN, it’s back to that heteronormative way of fucking where Braxton eats ass & fuck ignoring Johnny’s dick. I found out that a company called Mindgeek, which is run by straight folks, own this and that’s why the film from MEN are so awful. I can go watch a straight film for this kind of sex.

    Apolo Adril: I never knew who he was until this update but he’s awesome. Nothing better than a top that sucks dick but like Braxton, it also depends on the studio and their archaic rules. Men At Work used to be great but now they’re mediocre to me but this film was a rare bright spot for them. It was hot from start to finish. I hope MAW makes more films like this

    I don’t acknowledge anything with Delgaty in it cause i know it’s automatic trash.

    I’m not into Trans/Fem stuff either. Then seeing that disgusting cage on that fools dick? Fuck outta here with that vile shit.

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