Same name: Tyler Stone of Jason Sparks Live and Tyler Stone of Say Uncle

The first guy named Tyler Stone in gay porn had a scene released in 2013 at Jason Sparks Live. Jason Sparks Live is now part of the Bareback Plus network. The scene was re-released two weeks ago via Jock Breeders.

The second guy named Tyler Stone is the latest update at Say Uncle (via Missionary Boys) that had him top Johnny Ford.

7 thoughts on “Same name: Tyler Stone of Jason Sparks Live and Tyler Stone of Say Uncle

  1. The “New” Tyler Stone of Say Uncle looks good to me. Looks a bit like a younger – WAY more Fit version of Corbin Fishers Dane.
    I Look forward to seeing his moves.

  2. Johnny Ford = Woof! And Tyler Stone – if he’s going to be compared to a “more fit” Dane, he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill. But he looks hot, none-the-less.

  3. The Tyler Stone/Johnny Ford video was another fake cum extravaganza that Say Uncle has become notorious for foisting upon its subscribers. Red Tyler “came” inside Johnny Ford, but when he pulled out only Stevie Wonder would be fooled by the ersatz semen issuing from Johnny Ford’s butthole.

    Even more offensive to the intelligence of the audience was when it was time for Johnny to asplode. Tyler blew Johnny, and Johnny supposedly achieved blastoff entirely inside Tyler’s mouth. But when Johnny pulled out his lovely long cock and let the “splooge” dribble down Tyler’s beautiful face, the faux chin jizz was appallingly obvious.

    I don’t know whether Say Uncle and its sister sites was incorporated as a Home for Guys Who Can’t Cum, but that is what it has turned into. It is now a rare video from that studio where both models cum on-camera. I have no proof, but my suspicion is that they film a lot of content over the course of a weekend, and that is what is forcing them to use so much fake cum. So, so much fake cum. The really offensive part is how ridiculous it looks. Guys, if you’re going to try to pass this off on us, at least don’t make it look like it came straight out of a five gallon bucket of white primer that you purchased on sale at the Home Depot! Sheesh.

    1. Those fake cum shots r now appearing so much more in str8 porn as well. I really prefer to see the guy/top fuck til he pulls cums and puts it back in and no scene cut away as the cut away indicates he didnt immediately cum the usually vut away cuz it takes him much more time to cum they had to cut away. Those r always the hottest cuz the guy/top has to be really turned on ro fuck til u cum and u usually see the dick pulsing which is a major turn on!

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