2022 and 2023: Christmas with the boyfriend for Jake Preston

Last year, Men released the Christmas themed scene of Jake Preston, where Damian Knight was his boyfriend.

This coming Thursday, his boyfriend for his Christmas themed scene at Men is Dom King.

It’s the same woman who played the mother. Last year, she was Damian’s mother. This year, she is Jake’s mother. And, this year, Jake is the bottom to his boyfriend.

6 thoughts on “2022 and 2023: Christmas with the boyfriend for Jake Preston

  1. Creativity really comes to die at MEN.com it seems.

    They’re running out of money or something? Or the overlords at MG are just into heavy budget cuts now?

  2. The best Christmas gift that could come would be the demise of MEN & this is another example of why this site has got to go. The lack of creativity with repeating themselves is just pathetic.

    This site has got to end.

  3. It is incredibly low effort and uminaginative and a bit of an insult to the consumers that they think they could essentially repackage 2022’s scene and folks wouldn’t notice in 2023. Too bad because Jake and Dom are excellent performers but this is another reflection of how far so many of these studios have fallen. It’s gonna take actual accountability of some sort for it to change.

  4. This studio finally belongs where it belongs. In Garbage.
    Actors who work for this studio only earn good money, but it doesn’t help them in terms of quality, or career, or their credibility .
    This “queer” studio with G4P or Bi Actors has a very bad reputation in the gay community and is avoided.
    But I suspect bad things to come even more from this MEN/MG “agenda” for 2024!
    Like Gayhoopla. Masks will to fall…

  5. It seems that the only good point is that they rehired the same actress to play Preston’s mother, so kudos for consistency.

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