12 thoughts on “Back in action: Nicholas Ryder

  1. Is he back? I’m glad. I remember I was quite excited to see him fucked, hope there’s more than one scene. Also I really hope to see him in that clean cut short haired look. 😁

  2. Once again a bi/straight (G4P) leaning guy who used to fuck pussy, then left and now needs attention or money again. In gay porn, of course! I don’t know his earlier “works”. I hope he can convince, if he’s not into men, and come back to fucking women in gayporn, then he’s an absolute no go for me.

    1. Gay guy fucks one woman on camera: he is straight
      “Straight” guy blowed and got fucked by several guys on camera: he is straight.

      Your stupidity reached new level Jordi.

      1. It’s enough if you just admit that you’re bi or straight. Don’t keep defending this sexuality over and over again if it makes you so angry…

  3. I recall that bi scene, thinking that he would be incredibly sexy if he lost a few pounds. And sure enough, he is. He gives off a seductive redneck vibe. Perfectly paired with Heath Halo.

  4. I’ve never heard of him until today and I like what I’ve seen. I want to see more of what he can do on screen.

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