Misc.: Real-life lovers, bought content, and without the site owner to end the year

Fresh Men paired real-life lovers Hugo Carter and Steven Collins in one of their Christmas themed scenes. It was followed by their threesome with Ethan O’Pry.

Reality Dudes was back with an update last October that featured porn stars from Men and not bought content from Latin America. The latest two scenes looked like bought content filmed by the porn stars themselves.

Military Classified ended the year with the Roman and TJ scene, with no participation from the site owner.


  1. bo69

    The Freshmen boys scenes are quite hot, cute and cum hungry twinkies.

    • Philby

      Agreed but those hairstyles are gruesome. Whoever hacked off Ethan O’Pry’s beautiful locks should be shot.

      • Jon

        As long it’s not mullets, I don’t care.

  2. asis

    about time rob stays out of scenes

    • Jktooo

      I pay no attn to him when he is in. On other hand he did an interview and he is a very like able person

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