Newbie to watch: Gus Torres

The first studio to release a scene of Gus Torres was Kristen Bjorn.

He won as your favorite model of the week for the first week of November.

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Gus Torres, Donnie Gifford, Niko Vaz, Danny Rokos, Booker, or Nico Sky?
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Ends on 11/12/2023

He now has three scenes released at Kristen Bjorn.

12 thoughts on “Newbie to watch: Gus Torres

  1. His flip fuck session with Magnus Loki (the last two pictures) was really hot.
    They did everything and were really horny for each other. This is how gay porn has to be.

    1. Shut up u moron. Porn to u is NOT what many of us others like. U proved my close minded point with such a stupid close minded post. Geez u have ZERO self awareness.

      1. Geeze man, he’s just giving his personal opinion. (Overreact much?)

        Anyways, I hate how the guy shaved his pubes. He’s really hot, but that’s a big downer in my book.

        1. What this “Shizo Shouting” from this Guy about me, meant, is that he, along with many others here on this blog are among the people who have joined this Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid “society”, people, who really loves GAY and GAYporn, silence us or insult us.
          By the way, he can’t hold a candle to me anyway. He is so sadly caught up in his obsessive madness there is no pity or apology.
          I agree by the way with what you said about shaving. I also prefer it to be more natural and not so trimmed or shaved.

          1. The same argument, which you find objectionable, is what you are doing “silence us or insult us.”

            1. Whoever gives it out must also be able to take it.
              Do you want a sample too? I find your pseudo “Dalei Lama” lettering to be different. Who do you think you are? Omnisciently witty?
              You’re biting at it too, so you’re just like me and that Shizo…

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