Poll: Skylar Finchh, Charlie Musk, Magnus Loki, Heath Dickens, Jenda Knotek, Martin Malek, or Ethan Cruz? (12/23 Week 1)

Skylar Finchh of Say Uncle

Charlie Musk of Fresh Men

Magnus Loki of Kristen Bjorn

Heath Dickens of Gay Hoopla

Jenda Knotek of William Higgins

Martin Malek of William Higgins

Ethan Cruz of Boy Fun

Vote for your favorite.

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Sklar Finchh, Charlie Musk, Magnus Loki, Heath Dickens, Jenda Knotek, Martin Malek, or Ethan Cruz?
435 votes
Ends on 12/10/2023

+ Winner of last week’s poll: Dex Deval of Carnal Plus

19 thoughts on “Poll: Skylar Finchh, Charlie Musk, Magnus Loki, Heath Dickens, Jenda Knotek, Martin Malek, or Ethan Cruz? (12/23 Week 1)

    1. Once again a post that shows how disgusting you are. Not only openly homophobic (I’m just remembering the F… word you say to gays) but also incredibly racist and petty in your thoughts. You make it sound like Trump and his horrible supporters are posting in here and writing: Make Gayporn American (or better: STRAIGHT) again. We can clearly see your preferences…

      1. BTW. I am allowed to use the word FAGGOT! Just like Black people can use the “N” word, and Italians can use “Dego” and “Whop” etc….

    2. And actually the perfect studio for you would be HGF, BGF or (Fake)? Hoopla, because these owners and performers are mostly homophobic and supporters of Trump and Elon Musk and are therefore clearly anti-gay. The only plus point these bigoted hypocrites have is that they have the large selection of ethnic minority men would definitely bother you, since they are not clearly American. Or?

      1. 🎻What’s going on in your life man that makes you deflect YOUR hatred and vile opinions? Because I’m just your target. How about working on your internet porn addiction and turn off the computer and go outside where the real people are… Re-associate with people, touch grass, smoke a doob, you know, fun stuff. The fact that another person’s opinion gets you so riled up you need to attack seems to be a problem with you. But what do I know, I’ve NEVER seen shy thing like it. Pfffft! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

        1. I never thought, even for a minute, that I’d see the day where I’d be supporting logogay, but he’s right. You’re a small minded racist scumbag.

          1. No one here has a fucking sense of humor. How do you know anything remotely about me by typed words on a porn sight? Racist? Hahaha. Yeah, you also have issues at home. Go take care of the real problem in your life.

          2. Just think….I said “No Americans. All foreign porn whores.” That’s just a fact. Just by looking at the studios. They all use foreign people so I wasn’t being racist I was pointing out a fact. So in your mind if I am racist by saying that then this site is racist for not featuring an American guy working in gay porn. WH is foreign now, Boy fun is foreign, Kristen Bjorn is foreign. Then this site should be called racist for only featuring non American guys on this page. Simple as that. I never used 1 racist term or called any of these guys racist terms.
            Anger for no anger. BTW “Whores” is a term of endearment for Gay Porn Whores (They aren’t stars)In fact they call themselves that constantly on social media. What do you can a person who has sex for money? Besides this theirs their escorting business, then their OnlyFans. And the drugs! OMG!

        2. I have a Life. Even a good GAY LIFE! It goes without saying that I’m a proud gay and that I’m committed to my community. I accept that I might get on the nerves of a lot of people, but mostly it’s with people who aren’t really gay or who simply don’t care about gay porn or gay culture. It’s that simple. But when I read such small-minded, racist or homophobic things from people where it’s simply obvious and these people don’t even use the smallest part of their (presumed) intelligence to reflect on themselves or stand by it and can only continue to insult in order to distract from the fact that they are the way they are, it is simply disgusting and honestly incomprehensible. Freedom of expression is simply too much for me here and I just have to open my mouth. That’s how I’m simply morally inclined. No power to the homophobic, racist and, above all, inhumane people here…

          1. And once again he shows his true colors. Insults people here with stupid F….!
            And says it’s humor. Or the word belongs to us. Are this guy shizophrenic? Mentally disturbed and think such statements and claims from he are funny and have humor?
            Denz you can’t block this disgusting guy? That doesn’t reflect well on this blog!

    1. And Jax Thirio looks like Jordan Starr. All the porn whores are cloning. Not in a good way though. I got three openings in the Truffle Pig Dept. πŸ½πŸ·πŸ–

  1. Rough selections this week. Not favoring Magnus Loki because of his name, but he is genuinely the only one I might chat up in a bar.

  2. Jenda Knotek looks like a matchstick. Someone donate some Door Dash to him. He’s going to injure someone with that skeleton of a body. 🩻

    1. He identifies as bisexual in this Erotic Solo, so he should be hungry enough for some protein in his gay scenes since Higgins no longer features bi scenes. He’s kind of cute.

  3. I always find it interesting and, above all, educational to read and see that most of the people who write comments here are not about gay, but mostly about bisexuality, women, pussy or heterosexual men. This usually solves the question of how many of the users writing here are actually gay.

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