6 thoughts on “Size difference: Fitness Papi, Xavier Zane, Brock Reynolds, Joseph Hart, Jenda Knotek, and Nico Vegas

  1. The thing about size difference is that these people are making sure you notice the difference because it’s not just about size, it’s also about personality. I have yet to see someone on either end of the spectrum that isn’t a total chore to watch, the unbalanced dynamics are always there, you can easily tell who’s gonna top and bottom; it’s useless, repetitive and a waste of time and money.

    1. While I agree that the standard expectation is that the bigger guy tops, there have been a number of scenes posted here in which the bigger guy bottoms (search ‘size difference’ & you’ll find them intermixed) & there’s even a (fetish?) site called ‘Twink Tops’.

      Size difference alone doesn’t really matter to me – it’s all about chemistry between the performers.

      1. Twink Top is part of that creepy ass conglomerate owned by that predatory bitch legrand wolf, I ain’t touching any of that shit.

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