8 thoughts on “What’s new: Gay Hoopla, Bi Latin Men, and Say Uncle

  1. Hold the fuck up!

    BiLatinMen wasn’t using HTTPS for standard encryption? At first, I was wondering how the site was hacked. Now I just know they were asking for it.

  2. BiLantin Men really sucks, and not in a good way. All scenes are bought, and they don’t update with action content like in the past. I liked the local bad boys around the LA area.

    Gay Hoopla should retire. It’s dead.

  3. A dead G4P site where only its design has been changed, a site hacked because the owners are too stupid to ensure security standards and a new Twink on another site.
    Yes, this is really news that every gay porn consumer should be extremely happy about. LOL
    Instead of providing newer faces and better quality gay content they come up with something like this. What is the statement? That gay porn is already generally dead or what?
    Everyone has known this for a long time. Things can only get better in 2024….LOL LOL

  4. Yeah BLM used to be my go-to for porn ten years ago but their standards truly dropped. Going back to like 2009-14 is where you found quality. Guys like Toxic, Venom, Cruze, Goblin and Mr. Freaky were great and then they started getting boring ass guys and bought scenes. The downfall was swift and they’ve managed to become basic. Literally basic with their content and their encryption.

    Say Uncle basically is that creepy uncle you don’t stay in the room with too long. The one that shows up to the party uninvited. When this is your exclusive?!? Babes we’re not doing that.

    As for GH…. Trash hunny and we’re not recycling like they do their content. The little gay following they struggled to maintain was eliminated because of their toxicity and quite frankly homophobia. They can redesign and ad for dick pills all day, they’ll never regain their footing.

  5. I always thought that MOP was a review site. Showing this trash does no one any favors. This week there was scenes with Trevor Brooks, ColbyKnox, Tristan Hunter, a wowzer of a flip flop with Roman Todd and Ryhyeim Shabazz, even a 3 way with Gabriel Clark and MOP shows this garbage. Sad

    1. I’ve never considered MOP a review site (which implies some evaluation or critiquing) – it’s a ‘news’ site, in my opinion. (Of course, people can have different views of what constitutes ‘news’).

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