8 thoughts on “Back as the bottom: Wess Russel

  1. Did Wess get his zipper teeth fixed?
    And Trevor is now in the overexposed dull pile, with Cole Connor, Michael Boston and Beau Butler

  2. What interests me most is what did Wess do all the time when he wasn’t doing porn anymore?
    Has he started a family, married a woman or had children and now needs the money for more tattoos? Or is he really gay and came back because he missed gay sex?
    I find this much more interesting since I don’t subscribe to these two sites he returned to.
    No seriously. And Trevor has become a no go in gay porn for me since his “pussy fucking”!
    I don’t subscribe to him anymore either. I just hope Wess returns to other studios or does OF and with other Actors. Luckily there are still a few sites that haven’t fallen victim to the queer agenda!

    1. I seem to remember he said on twitter he worked at an animal refuge. Definitely gay and stopped porn because the studios stopped calling. Not sure he ever had an onlyfans but he appeared on lots of other performers – pun intended. The hottest scene he ever did was a live show at a pool party (maybe at Pride a few years ago) where he bottomed enthusiastically. Sure its available somewhere. I always loved his goofy college boy look.

    2. Wess Russell was kicked out of his family for doing being gay and doing porn according to an interview that he did long ago. He looks much better in the Randy Blue video as compared to his appearance in Sketchy Sex. He also looks a lot taller in Randy Blue but that maybe just because Trevor Brooks is much shorter than I thought.

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