Misc: Femboy, Tony D’Angelo, and EuroPeenz

A femboy as the top in the next scene to be released at Twink Pop in Femboy Drained My Balls with Foxy Alex and Sam Ledger.

Tony D’Angelo and Bruce Huxley did live cam shows at Chaturbate with Flyerstud_Mtl. The caption of the show was “FlyerStud: Welcome his friends that are either strippers in a strip club in Montreal and also porn stars Riko, Bruce, and Tony’Angelo.

[screenshots of the live cam show @ Reg]

EuroPeenz is the latest series from Say Uncle that features European men.

Johnny Viper (left) and Icarus (right)

9 thoughts on “Misc: Femboy, Tony D’Angelo, and EuroPeenz

  1. On the Chaturbate show, Tony was going down on the other guys and it said that when the goal was reached, someone would get fucked in the ass, but I don’t know how far Tony has been going.

  2. Tony is maybe the best of the Montreal strippers, he actually makes out with guys, he sucks dick, he’s eaten ass….he’s engaged. He’s solid at what he does and if he does ever bottom that’d be even better.

    Not into femboys personally, but some of these femboys or twinks you’d assume would never be tops can be some of the most aggressive in the sack. It’s always interesting to see common notions and stereotypes crushed.

    1. Tony has already bottomed. Unfortunately it wasn’t filmed properly which was a shame. Hoping he’ll give it another go and this time with better lighting and camera angles.

    2. Of course, i think. But @Francis like guys who claim to be into men in some way, who then lie to gays and then fuck women on their “gay porn” sites in order to convince gays that they are straight or bisex. But he doesn’t want to offend anyone and acts as if he understands everything. Only when gays or it has to do explicitly with the gay community, they are being taken for a ride, lied to or insulted then he is calm and doesn’t say his opinion about it. But everything that has to do with G4p, straight, queer or bi, they have his fullest support and understanding. All I’m saying is: HYPOCRISY…

  3. Wow. I saw a homeless guy pissing on the tire of a Corolla this morning, and this prissy femboy is still the most fucked up and unsexy thing I’ve seen today.

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