19 thoughts on “Rate the site: Johnny Rapid

    1. Your statement is weak because you can still love icons of the past no matter how they are currently. Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando were at one point in shadows in spite of being one the greatest actors ever.

      1. You are always so wonderfully naive and stupid. But that’s your female character. You are like a deer that stops on the road even though a car is driving towards it in order to get run over. You never defend yourself and your soft spot for G4P porn stars and straight stories or vagina scenes in gay porn are so important that you always forget one thing: homosexuality!

        1. I love men dicks, ball and holes, no matter where they perform (in gay, straight or bi content). Of course, I prefer gay content way more than others but I don’t see any problem of seeing my favorite actors doing crossovers. My statement is more on acknowledging Johny Rapid as a gay icon no matter if his work lately doesn’t have the same spark as before.

          1. It’s ok Mrs. Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid Camille! We all already know who you really are. Women are so sensitive and tiring…

            1. These personal insults & attacks are uncalled for! You seem incapable of accepting that anyone is allowed to have views or preferences different from yours, and descending to personal insults is your standard response to any pushback.

              You make this board an increasingly unpleasant place to follow!

              Watch what you want to watch, like what you like, & let others do the same.

            2. And as always you’re here showing how poor your thinking is and how miserable your life is… when you are losing an argument your answer is always “you have mental issues”
              Dense pathetic child

  1. Very very disappointing. Johnny used to make some great films but this site does not match that quality at all. It’s very very mediocre.

  2. There is never a time that Johnny rapid doesn’t make me bust a hot explosive load
    Love his new look, and I love when he doesn’t shave his pubes and pussy bush

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