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23 thoughts on “Rate the site: Men

  1. MEN is the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with gay porn today. It used to be a good site but those days are long gone. I look forward to hearing of this site coming to an end one day. 🙏🏽

      1. Why do you think the “hate” is out of proportion? You praised this site many times before, what is it about MEN that you like? I’m not trying to be a dick, I genuinely want to understand where you’re coming from cause i don’t see it.

  2. MEN/MG is the typical example of American gay porn! They are not a “pure” GAYporn site because they stage cunt scenes (and it doesn’t matter if there are only one or two a month), plus there are these annoying, sometimes offensive, comedy-like scenes with people (whether women or men) who are so into It’s distracting from the story and annoying when it comes to the actual point of why you want to watch porn (namely hot sex between two men) and you don’t feel like watching any more! Or especially your G4P actors who are also a reason not to subscribe to you. There’s no point in publishing several scenes in one week if 80% of them are just junk! But what’s most interesting about this “voting” is once again the lousy “rating” and criticism of the site! No matter when a vote comes or no matter in which gay porn blog or gay porn website the question about MEN comes up, there are only negative reviews or lousy ratings! And yet this site still exists and they continue to annoy the gays month after month. That’s why, for me personally, it reflects the fact that the “main” subscribers or customers/fans are more likely to be women, queer or trans people than gays!
    Or the people are like the site itself: a shizophrenic bunch who claim to be like that, but aren’t and never were!

    1. The “brilliant minds” (eh..) behind MG shove those bizarre scenarios into their scenes in a desperate attempt to replicate the “not in front of my salad” meme, which is just pathetic.

      What they don’t seem to know or understand is that most people can see how forced this is from a mile away. This corporate bullshit doesn’t fool anybody.

      The main reason simply doesn’t crash and burn horribly is that they’re owned by MG, who in turn owns most of the porn and porn sites currently in the internet. The amount of advertising they can afford and their place as the “mainstream gay porn studio helps to maintain the brand strong.

      WhyNotBi bleeds money like hell, but they likely manage to sustain it by using the same strategy employed to keep HGF afloat: they take from Paul to pay Joe.

      HGF was (and may still be) in the payroll of GH, even thought most subscribers of the former had little interest in the former because the main head of both studios was always more interested in working with straight content.

      Their current “expansion” of the MEN brand to include bi and trans content may be very telling of where they’re taking money to pump on their other studios.

      I’ll not be surprised of something this ends up getting leaked in the future.

      1. That too. Yes it’s right. It’s just a lot of fuss about nothing. But that’s not all it’s about. My only concern is that they still see themselves as a “pure” gay porn company or studio, which they are defintly not!
        I don’t care how they justify it or how people here always say that they don’t care whether “pussies fuck” is shown or not. Or that they don’t devalue their inferior G4P actors, regardless of whether they perform poorly!
        Every person, regardless of whether they are fans, customers or the minds behind MEN, who downplay everything or don’t feel anything bad about gays being insulted, these are the people who also move to the other side of the street when they see gays being attacked or picked on or don’t give a shit about gay rights and keep their mouth shut. If something like this is already tolerated or accepted in gay porn, what does it look like out there in reality?

    2. I disagree that “MEN/MG is the typical example of American gay porn”. In terms of (gratuitously) including women, they are the exception rather than the rule, and the majority of American studios don’t include bi content.

      I’m also curious where you get data to support your claim of ‘fact’ that “the “main” subscribers or customers/fans are more likely to be women, queer or trans people than gays!”. It might be true but as I am aware, no one KNOWS because that information isn’t collected anywhere.

      1. Isn’t it ironic that MEN has the most dislikes of all? And that you got 150 one star rating? That says a lot in reality. People like you who keep defending this studio and the studio itself that spends so much money on positive atmosphere and advertising on the Internet and on other blogs are of no use. MEN could also release 100 scenes a month. But as long as they only shoot boring standard sex with G4P guys or scenes that only have to do with offensive comedy and acting as gay porn or they publish pussy sex, it will still be one of the worst sites that can be seen in AMERICAN porn! Even worse than Gayhoopla! All the big money that the owners are pumping into this crappy company doesn’t help. And all these facts including the fact that people like you and others who support this company are just pure hypocrites is a pure satisfaction for me… I enjoy the triumph…

  3. Women unnecessarily used.

    Footwear unnecessary.

    Silly faces not necessary.

    Malik should bottom more

    Stop with top only

    1. I believe in diversity of content. Each site has its own values or theme. Moreover, I understand the negative towards, although a little out of porpotion in my opinion.

      1. I believe in diversity in content too but MEN doesn’t have any….they recycle the same plots over and over. Same crazy positions that are unrealistic, same models, same silly faces, same weird editing and fake cum.

  4. It’s going right down the shitter.

    They used to be an above average “mainstream” gay porn studio, but recently it seems the higher ups at MG simply stopped giving a shit.

    Their December scenes are a perfect example of this downward spiral: they’re not only recycling performers, sets and scenarios, but doing so all at once.

    This alone should already warrant MEN a time in the corner of shame, but nope: someone decided it was a great ideia to shove WhyNotBi scenes on the site in combination with FtM ones as well, a move which will only serve to dilute the identity of their brand as “the internet’s best gay porn site” (their words, not mine).

    What a great marketing move! The brilliant minds at MG need a trophy!

    With this wonderful management, the site has a truly bright future ahead!

    1. “their brand as the internet’s best gay porn site” is the biggest scam and fake there is in gay porn all over the world. It’s just like mixing wine with water but in advertising they still say it’s pure Wine, the best in the world. Or someone telling you to your face that he loves gays, but then beating them up behind your back. That’s a blatant lie to no end!

  5. My biggest beef is that they no longer include downloads. Despite the glut of outraged women and wacky “comedy,” a percentage of scenes in the MEN library are pretty good.

  6. I usually do not care what a model likes to fuck in “Real Life”
    There have been G4P models since the early gay porn days of Blondes Do It Best, Catalina Studios, Early American William Higgins, and so on. But the current crop of G4P models at MEN are a little more rude about it than ever before. I heard a interview with Reno Gold talking with a German straight model who now does a YouTube channel. Reno let it out that Malik Delgaty told him how he almost throws up when having to fuck gay guys. Now, nobody “has” to do anything. Malik chooses this way to earn $. He is also a very wooden and boring fuck. I feel sorry for his girlfriend. But, that little nugget of info along with some of the other MEN models thoughts on many things turn me right off.

  7. Not surprised to read that about Malik. He’s a disgrace. He is hot, but there are a ton of hot guys out there who can also perform and willing to really put effort in. But I blame gay men for allowing him to get away with this because so many continue to fawn over the hot muscle straight guy. Most sites have moved away from that trope, as the audience in general has moved away from enabling that….MEN has not.

    MEN is low effort, low respect for their audience, and simply low quality across the board.

  8. I mean… they had some good stuff, but what I remember for the most part is some of their background actors having my attention the most and they never get naked (or actually integrated into the scene like I’d want).

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