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Back in action for the 2nd time: Jax aka Maddox

Jax was first known as Maddox at Sean Cody in 2018 before he became known as Jax in 2020 at Corbin Fisher.

He took a pause for almost a year from Corbin Fisher and returned in 2022.

He took a few months off again from Corbin Fisher and returned this month with a straight scene. His latest is another scene of him as the top, this time with Finn (August) as his bottom.

+ Jax aka Mddox had a homemade scene released by Peep Show (no more updates since 2023) in 2021 as Aaron Jackson.

13 thoughts on “Back in action for the 2nd time: Jax aka Maddox

    1. Racist comments are annoying. You are annoying. Have a pleasant day. It’s not like CF is the most inclusive or diverse site. Why hate when they have a little bit of color. Because all you are is a hater. The monkey in the room.

      1. The only racist comment is yours. I don’t like Jax because I dont find him attractive and his performances are just sad G4P bullshit. The only time they bring out a Jax video is when they are using him in a mandingo raceplay scene. If anyone paying just a little bit of attention to CF and how and when they release one of his scenes would see that. Jax is used as a prop and his dialogue shows it and what he is told to say is right out of Race Play 101. Also, when did posting that a person not liking someone is inherently racist because they happen to be aPperson of Color?

        CF has done away with hiring new never before seen guys and they recruit from OF, so they cannot use their old excuse of not being able to find and recruit African-Americans or other People of Color. If the people running CF were as smart as they thought they were they would have done a collab with Rhyheim Shabazz and his people already. It would drive up scriptions. They don’t want to diversify, because their base audience are white old men and women. It also says alot about how many times who Jax has been paired with ( some repeatedly) and who he hasn’t.

      2. Look at you using that Dog wwhistle getting all those likes. Very telling about the people around here who think they areracist…LOL. Saying “The monkey in the room” is a real non racist comment.

  1. As far as I know he is one of the worse actors CF has. He never sucks, doesn’t rim and can’t create chemistry with men.
    In addition, his dick should become limp. At least if we have read a lot of reviews from the past. Is he better now? No idea. For me, CF is too weak and too inconsistent in terms of quality and performance. Then there are her unnecessary straight scenes. And then they bring back a bad actor too. No reason to subscribe to CF.

    1. From what I’ve seen, he’s not exactly topping the charts at corbinfisher, acting-wise. The guy just doesn’t deliver on sucking, rimming, or sparking any real chemistry with other guys.
      Plus, there’s talk about him not staying hard, at least that’s what a bunch of past reviews suggest. Has he improved recently? I couldn’t tell all.
      To me, CF just hasn’t been hitting the mark with their quality and consistency. And don’t get me started on those unnecessary straight scenes they throw in.

  2. it seems like studios have a hard time finding really attractive black men for gay porn.. like jason vario, sean zevran

    1. Rhyheim Shabazz doesn’t have a hard time finding them. Matthew Ellis doens’t have a hard time finding and getting gangbanged by them.

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