Up next at Men: Filou Fitt, Malik Delgaty, and Paddy O’Brian

On the eve of Valentines, Men introduces Filou Fitt with his scene as the top to Ashton Summers. Filou is the latest crossover porn star on the site. He has filmed straight scenes for sites like See Him Fuck.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s a bisexual scene of Malik Delgaty via Why Not Bi.

A day after Valentines, it’s the comeback scene of Paddy O’Brian at Men, with Dean Young as his bottom. Like Filou and Malik, Paddy has filmed a scene with a woman [e.g. Shagless].

36 thoughts on “Up next at Men: Filou Fitt, Malik Delgaty, and Paddy O’Brian

  1. Filou aka Philippe Soulier is a heterosexual erotic model who became known through erotic photos for underwear, a fitness model and other labels and quickly became popular in gay circles because of his looks and heteromasculinity. When he started making videos in which he jerked off or started “messing around” with men, his popularity increased. Then came the first OF Videos, working with other well-known gay models, where he shot scenes with his Viagra penis that are reminiscent of Malik’s scenes that he shoots with the studio MEN. Nothing special, no chemistry, zero passion, just G4P! He did a lot of straight porn on the side under his name Filou and was then dropped by many gays because they were bored by his short, monotonous Viagra videos. After that he started saying he was bi maybe up to about 18-20%. He said this in a Tik Tok video interview at a porn awards show and you could tell he was embarrassed because he previously said he was 100% straight. So once again one of those straight straight guys who think that just because they look hot and get the attention and money from gays with fake G4P videos, they just tell and claim lies and twisted stories in order not to scare away their “fan base” .
    So it fits perfectly with MEN/MG. So watch out Malik, there’s big competition coming for you. Maybe he will replace you as G4P Fucker Superstar in MEN and become Malik 2.0, just like you became William 2.0 when you started in MEN and replaced William Seed as G4P Straight Superstar.
    We can’t expect more from these Viagra fake straight guys at MEN. Staged scenes where is absolut no chemistry or passion is played where none exists. But that’s what MEN/MG is, also known for, in addition to their offensive fantasy comedy scenes where they make fun of gay culture and the gay community or show their cunt scenes with gay porn actors that have sex with women to show that they can do anything and everything for money, their sexuality can be “reversed” and “changed”.
    What the Valentine’s Special from MEN shows once again. Instead of showing a gay couple having sex, or one of the G4P/Bi guys mentioned above, they show sex between men and a woman, one of whom supposedly calls himself gay! It doesn’t change the fact that they bring Paddy back a day later and then show him fucking a woman on their MG pages at the same time.
    I don’t like any anyway cross over guys. Because that’s where can see most clearly that their sex with men is JUST WORK, while their sex with a woman is their PASSION! With this, MEN/MG demonstrate that they are not the best gay porn adult site on the Internet, but rather the best Queer/BI/Straight/Pan/Fluid company and G4P Studio in American “Gay”? Porn!

      1. thats all I care about. dont care about their sexuality in private life. some people confuse porn for reality. porn is fantasy – its not real life.

        1. So porn isn’t sexuality? Just fantasies? Porn IS and CONSISTS of sexuality! Porn is there to CREATE fantasies and fetishes, yes that’s true. But not to mix and blur a sexual direction like GAY, Bi Straight or others! And MEN/MG DOES THAT. Do you consciously include bi scenes with women on your GAY?porn site and at least one actor who claims to be gay and only sticks his cock in a pussy for money so that gays can see it? If in your opinion this is supposed to be a fantasy or fetish and not a distortion/change of sexuality, then you are 100% definitely one of those advocates/supporters of conversion therapies in public! Definitely. You are only lying to yourself and others. Just like MEN/MG does.
          Are heterosexual men explicitly shown having sex with a man in straight porn, or is a man brought in as a third party to take part in straight porn? Definitely no. It is separated, classified as bisex or placed for external pages. Otherwise all the heterosexual consumers would immediately go to the baricades and make a huge drama out of it. Namely because they are extremely homophobic! But they can do that on a gay porn site. And you have this idea too.
          Namely, as soon as it comes to downplaying it and labeling it as a fantasy. That’s exactly what you are. I’ve always told you that. And people like you are on gay porn sites or gay porn blogs. This is also REAL LIFE/REALITY!

    1. I don’t know where you had eyes but Filou actually seems to be turned on by guys- in his scene with Ashton Summers he was so turned on he blowed his load at the same time he pulled out. He might prefer women but guys definietly turn him on.
      Anyway his scene with Summers was one of the better scenes in the last years of MEN.com- passionate and rough.

  2. You know I knida miss ol Colin Simpson, yes he’s dumb as mud with a side order moron but he gave everything in porn a go just like Paddy O’Brian, unlike other over exposed g4p one note “performer’s”. Anyway hopefully he’s getting his shit together and being a good Dad.

    1. The only way Collin could be a good dad is to surrender his parental rights (the mother too, who is apparently almost as bad) and give those children an actually decent start in life.

  3. I remember when i was much younger, if i heard about a “straight” guy doing gay porn, id be so excited about it. That was when I had no standards but today is a new day. NONE of these films look impressive at all. I need these guys to do more than kiss and fuck, i need all dicks to be sucked. Eating ass won’t do if you won’t lick & suck all parts of the guys body & i already see that it won’t be happening with any of these films. But seeing that these films are either from MEN or associated with that garbage site, we will be getting cheated like we usually do but the sad part is how so many of us just lap it up just because a guy is hot. We gotta do better & demand more from these performers. Even if you are satisfied with the bare minimum, I’d think that you’d still want these guys to go above & beyond the call of duty. Its just tiring to see guys not do enough in these films & they keep on getting praised for their terrible & lackluster performances. It’s the equivalent of giving everyone a medal just because they showed up, even though they were far from being a winner. There’s no incentive for improving.

    It’s terrible over here

    1. It’s a perfect setting for your queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid subscribers so that they have at least one confirmation to celebrate MEN/MG. Otherwise there is nothing for gays to celebrate at MEN/MG. Tomorrow on Valentine’s Day there will be a vagina scene with a G4p actor and an gay? actor (at least he claims to be gay) to show that gays don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and that it only belongs to a man and a woman! Then show their true face again! The G4P scenes with Filou before and with Paddy after are only intended to provide distraction so that the studio’s internalized homophobia doesn’t stand out and blind their fans. These subscribers have no pride or honor in their sexuality or still in spending money.

      1. The irony and even more hypocritical comes to light when I saw that Man Royale/Gay Room.com, of all places, published a scene on Valentine’s Day featuring two men having intense, hot romantic sex. So how can it be that a site that promotes itself as the best GAY porn site on the internet (MEN) posts a pussy scene, while another gay site (rightfully calling itself the gest gay network) posts a gay scene? Not only can we see the difference/comparison of who really is a GAYPORNsite on the internet, but we can also see the nastiness and homophobic streak of MEN/MG that this brings back to the fore. Like every month when they release their pussy scenes. If the people who advocate/worship or subscribe to MEN don’t understand this or want to undermine it, then they still get what they deserve. Ugh devil…

  4. Is it me or does it seem ASHTON SUMMERS always turns in a good/great scene but kind of gets forgotten about?
    Paddy looks BETTER than Ever here.
    This Filou Fitt looks like yet another G4P sex “Robot” with no interest in guys…. I hope I am wrong but don’t think I am.

  5. I will always feel that those gay men that are attracted to G4PAY models are burdened with a huge amount of internalized, homophobia and self loathing, but that said to each their own. I don’t like. G4PAY guys because there scenes lack passion and heat, so I don’t watch, but I think there presence hurts the industry. These boys are tired.

    1. they could be gay and lack passion and chemistry, they could be g4p and be great actors. thats all I care about – I dont want to know the personal lives of porn stars or their sexuality. I just want the fantasy, which is what porn is.

      1. I agree with you on the former…there are gay performers that are weak performers. But for the most part G4P guys don’t make great scenes and you can smell and feel the lack of commitment and engagement. There’s a detatched element. Gay Hoopla films are an awesome example. It’s hard to sell fantasy when the guys are being sold as straight. That’s really the entire point…guys like Malik and Filou are marketed as straight, that is the fantasy. Straight tops. Masculine, muscular, straight tops.

        Many gay men put these guys on a pedestal and it’s not just defeatist because it simply isn’t a reality that exists in real life, but it is also regressive in part because there are plenty of straight men who do not fit that stereotype, and there are gay men who do. But also because of the portrayal of heterosexuality as superior. Whether one means to do that or not, that’s what’s going on when guys lust over straight guys this way.

      2. Yes, YOU want the “fantasy” in “GAY”porn that a man who pretends to be gay has sex with a woman! That’s right, is it not? Everything is just FANTASY for YOU! Or?

  6. Malik is a horrible studio performer with both men and women. It is not his thing. He’s worse with men, of course. The funny thing is he’s less bad in his onlyfans….he’s still not a great top but he’ll actually kiss men and he’ll be engaged to some degree. He’s just not skilled at sex, but studio porn is not his thing.

    Not a big fan of Mateo Tomas doing the straight for pay/gaybaiting thing either considering how much he portrays himself as a gay sex activist on twitter. Yet you’re literally playing into the same exact tropes as everyone else…lusting after the straight guy. Allowing a woman to bounce on your dick just so you can have the straight guy fuck you. It’s really gross.

    Which brings me to Filou, because although I don’t have a particular issue with him, Reg bringing up the fact he for the long time would not perform with men condomless, would not rim a man, etc….he did all of this with women. He has over the last year relaxed a bit with men and is kissing men, rimming, now willing to perform without a condom. He’s relaxed and he’s become a better performer. He used to have wood issues, less so now. So perhaps he was/is coming to terms with his sexuality, and that is definitely a thing that happens in porn.

    I can’t call him a pure gaybaiter because he actually has sex with men. The issue is more with how so many gay men place straight/straight-ish/straight-acting men on a pedestal. That’s the problem, and that’s why men like Malik can get away with being a poor performer. I can see why people put Filou in that same category. I don’t necessarily do so, but also share the general concerns about men like him within the larger gay sex industry.

    Paddy used to be in the same boat but he’s relaxed a lot too over the years and broadened his sexual palate which makes him hotter.

    1. For me Malik is great. He has stamina and he is so fucking gorgeous (attractiveness is important at least to my eyes)

    2. I’m honest too. To be honest, it’s the first time that I like a report from you. But I still can’t stand you. You say gay men who put heterosexuals on a pedestal are to blame, but when you started writing here on this blog you defended them yourself, all these actors and studios that you are NOW critical of. You wanted to be neutral and not leave a mark on anyone. and now? Ok, that’s not the reason why I’m writing to you (because I never actually intended to) is that you’re right about Malik and maybe you’re right about Filou too. The only problem for me is that I know Filou from OF and he’s really not good at that. The fact that he is now filming a scene for MEN (a studio that I, as a proud gay man, will never subscribe to) and that I will thus never see him in his (alleged) sexual transformation is a shame, but I can life with that. As for Mateo, if what you say is true and he actually sees himself on Twitter as the biggest advocate for gay rights or gay fighters and calls himself a gay, that makes him an even worse gay! Because if you’re filming a kind of “conversion therapy scene” for a gay?porn studio as S4P, it’s the worst thing you can actually do as a “gay” man. Because conversion therapy has been banned almost everywhere. At least here in Europe, in America I don’t know.
      Mateo, along with Trevor, Derek, Maverick, Enzo, Jake and many others who say they are gay but then fuck his pussy, should be ashamed and not get any more attention. If they say they’re bi, I’m no longer interested. But I think that’s why most of them lie and say they’re gay so they don’t get dropped so quickly by people who have this fantasy of seeing a gay man “change” into straight.

      1. I’ve been consistent….I’m not a fan of gaybaiting, heteronormative tropes in gay films, gay models diving head first in amplifying gaybaiting performers or having sex with women and getting upset that people are confused/upset about it when they claim to be gay. I’ve been 100% consistent about all of that….I’m just not biphobic or transphobic. I don’t have anything against bisexuals and I don’t invalidate trans people’s existence, whereas many of you on here do. I simply also do not like what all amounts to amplifying heterosexuality, putting heterosexuality on a pedestal, in what should be a gay space. That’s the difference between you and I.

        Biphobic gay men ironically are part of the reason why (I don’t think Tomas fits this but I do think others do, like Trevor Brooks) we see guys who are probably more gay-leaning bisexuals or “sexually fluid” stick to a gay label. You can be sexually fluid and romantically homosexual…that’s still bisexuality, gay-leaning bisexuality. Both gay and straight people are biphobic, yet both gay and straight people are quick to tell those who identify as either that they’re not either and invalidate their chosen identity and that they should stop delegitimizing gay/straight identity….yet you won’t accept them if they’re bisexual. You say that above. That’s the vicious cycle that bisexuals face. In and out of porn, so most choose not to deal with it. It’s not cool, and I’ll continue to call that out.

        1. And again you fall into your old pattern. That’s why I don’t want to write to you and won’t do so anymore after this post. What we have in common is that we are not bi or transphobic. I’m gay, I can’t and won’t say what you are, but you’re definitely not gay. Because THAT what differentiates us is that I do not accept or defend qeerbaiting, fluid sexuality (as you describe it), women (i.e. pussies) and homophobic behavior and publishing in gay porn and change in gay porn, while YOU do it constantly. You say you don’t like it, you say you’re gay?, you say you don’t judge but YOU do everything anyway and you’re not. I am me and honest. You are like a flag in the wind that turns and only says things as they suit you. Like now in your post. You definitely say you’re gay, but you talk about queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid and “fluid sexuality” as if you’re defending them more and explaining it so it sounds like an “excuse” why studios like MEN/MG or those mentioned Actors repeatedly behave in gay porn and invade OUR space while they could create their own. Because if I’m gay, I’m gay and only want to have gay where it says gay. If I wanted bi I would go to bi. It’s that simple. But probably not in “queer-filled” gay porn in 2024.
          And you don’t give a damn that gayporn has been dragged into the abyss for years and has such a bad reputation among gays. Goodbye………

          1. As a note: I have absolutely nothing against bisexuals. They always have been and always will be in gay porn. The only and biggest problem for ME is that they keep trying to include sex with women in gay porn or in their gay content, which as a gay person doesn’t interest me at all, instead of separating it and creating external sites like Papi Kokic, for example and others do. They can’t use the “label” GAY or approach them and then make cunt scenes. The same applies if they say they are gay. Just say from the start that they are queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid or sexually fluid or whatever they are, then it’s ok. But it’s always these lies, these excuses, this internalized homophobia that makes bisexual people look so bad.

    3. Just out of curiosity, what’s the difference between Malik & Filou? They both seem to be the same to me. Maybe you broke it down in this message & i overlooked something but i want to understand.

      1. For me Filou is a little less obnoxious about professing heterosexuality and he’s more engaged with his performers than Malik is. He’ll eat ass, he’ll kiss, he’ll show at least a little affection. I don’t think he’s in a completely different category to Malik but I think he’s a little less of an example of a wooden straight guy who can’t fuck but still lusted over because he’s straight….but at the same time, I do think it’s all ultimately within that same framework. But at least Filou….actually can/will perform. Filou will perform. Malik basically doesn’t.

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