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Favorite model of 2023: Lobo Carreira

With 20% of the total votes, Lobo Carreira, who was first introduced by Lucas Entertainment, won as the favorite model of 2023.

He was followed by Dex Devall, Matthew Ellis, Presley Scott, Donny Harrington, Alex Palmieri, Andy Rodrigues, Rex Rush, Eddie Patrick, Harvey Robinson, Felipe Prado and Nico Bello.

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Presley Scott, Nico Bello, Andy Rodrigues, Lobo Carreira, Eddie Patrick, Harvey Robinson, Felipe Prado, Rex Rush, Matthew Ellis, Donny Harrington, Dex Devall or Alex Palmieri?
691 votes
Ends on 03/15/2024

18 thoughts on “Favorite model of 2023: Lobo Carreira

  1. I like him very much, but I have never liked the shape of his downward-pointing dick. Anyway, it would have been better if he had a pussy.

    1. I can’t stand him/her/it either but in defense of @Francis : He/she/it has a vagina himself! Like @Camille and many others here on this blog. That’s why he/she/it belongs to the “queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid movement that wants to convert gay porn to “pussy” land! LOL

  2. Let’s take a moment to remember Clayton Foster our 2022 favorite who seems to have disappeared at some point in ’23 and hope that we continue to see more of Lobo Carreira in the future.

  3. The way Lobo was discovered is a great story. Reality TV, handsome, then opening up his actually pretty intense personal sexuality for all to see.

    He also clearly loves dick.

  4. I think the 3 supposed “real” females on here(God knows we are ALL ladies!) are actually just more of us
    “girls” planted by the Gay video companies to keep “abreast”(wrong word!) of things! Women love soft pretty things. Why would they want to look at scary monsters like the hideous tattooed muscle Queens in gay porn? They can just tune in some Freddy Kreuger on the smartphone or telly or go see Halloween now that it is back in vogue at the theaters if they want to see horrors! Jamie Lee Curtis is looking scarier than ever! She (or whatever it is)looks at least a million years old! Did they bring her back from the dead?

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