1. logogay

    Back then, Adriano was one of the most boring, disinterested actors CF had. His few “G4P” scenes for other studios were even worse. Straightporn is welcome to have him. He fits the idiots from HGF. Won’t miss him at all since he was nothing anyway……

  2. emercycrite

    Yes, but who’s the tatted hottie?

    • EJ

      I agree. He is hot! Too bad about the tattoos though. But–he’s Allie’s husband. He’s Her Man and she ain’t giving him up! Unless you got 20 bucks!

  3. Cherrystick

    I’ll say this with the upmost respect. Who gives a fuck? He wants to slide over to a notorious homophobic studio and engage in bland str8 sex then that’s all him.

    • logogay

      The only problem is that these homophobic creators of this Str8 studio under the banner of the fake (gay) studio Hoopla have shown no respect at all towards gays and the gay community. We were only good enough when it came to money. All of the actors who go to and work for this homophobic Str8 studio are themselves homophobic. That’s why Adriano was so rushed and limp in his G4P scenes at CF!

  4. NovaStar

    Having scanned through Adriano’s films, the straights can have him. We got enough trash in the gay porn world, we don’t need anymore to pile on top of it.

  5. EJ

    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Calm Your Pits. After All, they’re JUST Fuck Flicks…NOT Gone With The Wind…

  6. Asdfghjkklk

    Adriano is a femme dance/theatre gay irl, so I don’t know why he’s doing these straight films lol. Must be projecting and some of form of self hate chile… coz.

    • Ty Huber

      The femme/dance aspect is what I was excited about when I saw him come on the scene — maybe another graceful and beautiful Ashton Summers or Ben Masters? But no … supremely boring performer, almost arrogant. So much for the ballet/musical theatre stereotype — maybe the STRAIGHTS are taking over the chorus line!

  7. Rusty

    Haha, I remember when 1 of the trash owners of GH/HGF made a diagram of a human centipede, mocking a model for switching to CF. Looks like the tables have turned.

  8. Miss Piggy

    The owner of HGF tweeted then deleted that Adriano/Alessandro was sent home because they “learned some things about him”

    • logogay

      Anyone who is interested in HGF their Twitter page or owner and Adriano and follows them is no better than these homophobic asses and does not belong to the GAY Community! Whoever GAY is interested in them. Think about it…..

  9. Jay M.l

    The Pros: Adriano is hot, great physique, and XXL Dick stays hard. The Cons: Painfully shy and uncomfortable made for dull scenes. Possible: he has all the makings to be a really great gay porn star and there’s no way he’s straight. All the items I listed above is good looking he’s got a great bod from his professional dancing, and a rather huge appendage. All he needs is a studio that’s going to work with him, give him a little bit of space get him a little bit of this or that you know that’s just gonna give more confidence and then one day guys he’s just gonna let loose and blow your mind. I wish you’d stayed at Corbin Fisher because I think that would’ve been the best home for him to develop with more of a family atmosphere. Guys he’s just really shy he’s a shy European I don’t know if European makes any difference but he’s a shy European, but he’s a hot Italian with a big dick and I know he loves the sex. He can tell it in his face I have to look at one of his scenes , but I root for him to make it and get out of that stupid place in now

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