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Poll: Olaf Anderson, Niles Tyrrell, Hayden Mcclean, Andrew Kahn, Prokop Solc, Pablo Alt, Aksen Daves, Ryder Rockwell, Seb Butler, Patrick, Dino Bravo, Forrest Ryder or Nozomu? (03/24 Week 4)

Olaf Anderson of Belami Online

Niles Tyrrell of Fresh Men

Hayden Mcclean of Gay Hoopla

Andrew Kahn of Broke Straight Boys

Prokop Solc of William Higgins

Pablo Alt of Boy Fun

Aksen Daves of Bentley Race

Ryder Rockwell of Helix Studios

Seb Butler of English Lads and Fit Young Men

Patrick of Corbin Fisher

Dino Bravo of Naked Sword

Forrest Ryder of Kristen Bjorn

Nozomu of Peter Fever

Vote for your favorite.

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Olaf Anderson, Niles Tyrrell, Hayden Mcclean, Andrew Kahn, Prokop Solc, Pablo Alt, Aksen Daves, Ryder Rockwell, Seb Butler, Patrick, Dino Bravo, Forrest Ryder or Nozomu?
565 votes
Ends on 03/31/2024

– Winner of last week’s poll: Vic Gioz of Naked Sword

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16 thoughts on “Poll: Olaf Anderson, Niles Tyrrell, Hayden Mcclean, Andrew Kahn, Prokop Solc, Pablo Alt, Aksen Daves, Ryder Rockwell, Seb Butler, Patrick, Dino Bravo, Forrest Ryder or Nozomu? (03/24 Week 4)

  1. Olaf Anderson is streets ahead of the field but why did he have to bleach his hair and shave his pubes?
    Surely, a model just starting out should go with his natural looks, especially if he’s as well endowed as Olaf.

  2. List based on looks out of 5
    Olaf Anderson 4.5
    Niles Tyrrell 4.0
    Hayden Mcclean 3.5
    Andrew Kahn 3.5
    Prokop Solc 1.5
    Pablo Alt 1.0
    Aksen Daves 2.0
    Ryder Rockwell 2.0
    Seb Butler 3.0
    Patrick 2.0
    Dino Bravo 2.5
    Forrest Ryder 3.0
    Nozomu 2.5

  3. Go with Miss Pablo or Miss Ryder. They symbolize who all of us homosexuals really ae Deep
    Down Inside (actually the name of an early Summer W/O Moroder classic)

  4. The, uhhh,”straight” Dino Bravo (retired 2021) of hetero porn, is actually quite better looking than his gay counterpart, sporting a very ethnic Italian look. I would guess the straight Dino started out as a male “stripper” and we know those guys always play for some women, but mainly for gay audiences. So like his other hetero pals I would guess this other Dino’s attitude towards gay sex would be “been there, done that.” So while gay porn actors may be “straight for pay”, the dudes of straight might legitimately be “gay for pay” offscreen, though bisexual would probably be the technical term. Furthermore, the hetero hunks also all have Onlyfans accounts, whose main purpose is to charge money to their gay male fans for “solo” content as well as to set up “meetings” with said fans. Go for it, Miss Girl, Go for it! Score that Straight Dick!

  5. The pics of Olaf Andersson is probably around 8 years old, if not even more. And they were taken before he tattooed the front of his neck completely black. It looks really weird. He used to sell recorded web cam shows where he jerked off. He sure is hot, despite the neck tatoo. But I have never seen him smile. Not once.

    1. Hey @EJ why are you using a different username (@Eric from Sweden) now when you write the same crazy psychopath stuff here that doesn’t make any sense and use “female pronouns” ALL THE TIME! Maybe you see every man who is gay as feminine and the entire GAY community as effeminate? But that’s just YOU!
      I’ll give you a tip.
      Instead of constantly commenting on every post from Denz with insulting (from your point of view!) comments aimed at gays or the gay community, you should take a job at MG/MEN! Because that’s exactly how this QUEER/BI/STRAIGHT/PAN/FLUID society thinks, talks and publishes their so-called (GAY?) porn! You are like them! Or have you already been working for them on behalf of them so that you can keep writing all this “contemptuous” stuff in here? #EXPOSURE#

      1. MIss Thing, Glad to see you back! You and Miss Frances make me seem comparatively “normal”! Hope she returns too! As always I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about in your usual endlessly rambling response!

        1. You know what I mean.
          I totally hit you. In addition, my texts are not as “endlessly” rambling and long as yours, as you can see here again.
          Accept that you are a psychopath (all gay men is for you a she!) and go work for MEN/MG.
          You fit in there perfectly. #EXPOSURE#

      2. Eric is definitely not me. There is not even any similarities in his writing. Please don’t victimize this innocent person. I may be a harmless campy Old Queen but you are dead serious and genuinely frightening! Therefore, please do not contact me any further. You may turn out to be good incentive for me to keep off of this silly blog. You are the Queen of it. I don’t want to tread on your turf. Especially since you are apparently God. No wonder why you are an atheist. You determine a person’s sexuality. If a porn queen claims she is gay, you strike her down and tell her she is straigh!t. You oughta know Again ,I have no idea what you just wrote and also again, please no further communication.

      3. I’m a 44 year old gay guy in Sweden. I have used Eric from Sweden as my nickname since the beginning of comments sections, like 20 years ago. I have been using it on all the major gay porn blogs. I have no idea what you were on about.

  6. I like Prokop. Her out of shape body, especially the gut remind me of.. me!!! It looks like her trick got her in the “movies.” I like her. She has such a cute face! How refreshingly retro she is. You Go, Miss Girl!

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